Destiny is Synonymous with Betrayal

I feel it


The sudden surge of pain

Like a tidal wave shaking everything I knew

Betrayal wreaks

Worse than burnt rubber

Right at my back

Destiny is poised

Ready to pounce

Catch me when I least expect it

At the worst of moments

It used to be so clear

Destiny was my friend, giving me gifts

And just recently, the greatest of all

Requited emotions


I am happy


The realization sharply sinks in

Like a weight dropping to the bottom

Of a shallow, lifeless pool

I can feel it

The pain

The betrayal

The dull knife sticking in my back

Destiny put it there

With her empty promises

In a single, heartless thrust

Destiny broke me

She gave me a gift

And followed it with a bombshell realization

I must go

And he must stay

Why punish him as well?

Destiny is such a cruel concept

One gift with one unbearable condition

You can't have it

You know it's there

Waiting for you

But you can't run to it

I can't run to him

Oh, that backstabbing Destiny

That knife doesn't ever come free, does it?