The wind with its graceful breeze,

The moon with her glowing ease,

The river with its rushing gleam,

The trees lay still, or so it would seem.

The wood has awoken from its deep sleep,

Be still and watch, and your mind may you keep.

Creatures gather under stars alight,

Lay low and gaze at this mysterious sight.

Magic calls from distant plains,

The queen of the forest has come again.

Her song is heard from far and wide,

As from the heavens she doth glide.

The animals stir and sigh,

As the fair maiden passes by.

She blesses the forest with all of her love,

Guided only from the hope she finds from above.

When at last her magic is gone,

Her glow has died along with her soaring song,

She cries in joy and falls to the earth,

Then bursts into light, giggling with mirth.

The animals fall away and the forest grows still,

And you are left alone, enveloped in chill.

Your mind returns but the memories of the queen,

Fade away into the night, never to be seen.