Fingertips on satin,

White and pallid light,

Streaming through a window,

In the dead of night,

All is silent and still,

Like a night embalmed,

Noise would be better,

Than this disquieting calm,

Silky hair touches on skin,

Frost and ice caress the windowpane,

All is still and quiet,

In this world so insane,

All the stars stop twinkling,

The moon ceases to shine,

All is so still and frozen,

In this dreamworld of mine,

The wind blows it's chill,

Through the cracks in the wall,

A breeze stirs the woman in bed,

Thereare noises in the hall,

The sun comes up,

It's time to awake,

Movement starts,

The trees leaves shake,

Morning is here It's time to live,

All is warm now, and light abounds,

A new day has started afresh,

Time for discoveries to be found,

A breeze stirs the cream colored curtains,

A sweet smelling aura invades the room,

The woman awakes and stretches,

All is at peace and there's no trace of doom…