? Hello Mr. Congressman how does it fare?

To pass the big laws, big decisions and such way up there?

In all misinterpretations the American bureaucracy is so true

That it promotes freedom beat up, whitewashed, destabilized, and bruised

In a model of a little town

There lived a vender who wanted to know up from down

The ideas in his head were all clinking around

Chewed them up, savored the taste, and spit them out

Well he decided that he didn't like his venue

He sold his lot and pocketed the revenue

Said at first he didn't mind the apparent "pacific" road

That would chew him up, savor the taste, and spit him out poor

Too bad for the small man –

We never knew who was what or how much he could "can"

Because he and it got generalized by the high-holy establishment

Given a number, got a price on the head

The scandalized establishment will stand and withhold trial

The stock-sharers tails between legs in denial

The judge will look up and smack his gavel

Saying "I'll grant pardon if the money is good enough" (well!)

Hello American citizens

We aren't so high as the Congressmen

We like to think that we indeed do our good

Commit for life, pay our taxes, like a patriot should

Oh, sick off of the media

I've been told the sky is earth, and the ground is above

I think you might have indulged it too

Because what was once logic is now a misconstrued

Sue the philistines, like the small man they won't reap your death

Wonder if you oppose a human or a government

Wonder if you oppose a single entity

A lopsided meritocratic system or a corporate army

Competition always likes the win

It likes to chew it up, savor the taste, and spit it out again

Oh, and then ya' feel numb after hit with the butt of a gun

Oh, feel dumb when the whole thing is done

Come on