Do I have to say goodbye?

Will it be forever?

My heart couldn't take it

You hold my hand,

Gazing into my eyes,

Wiping each tear that rolled down my cheek.

You whispered I love you

That this won't be the end.

I tried to smile,

But I knew that I would have to let go,

Let go of your gaze upon me,

Let go of your hand in mine,

Let go of your lips against my lips,

Let go of your arms around me.

You whispered that you'd come back for me,

That you'd always keep in touch.

You promised your loyalty to me,

That you could be with no other.

You placed your hand on my cheek,

And kissed me once more.

The kiss lingered on my lips,

As you walked away,

Tears pouring down my cheeks.

I call out to you "Do I have to say goodbye?"