Ruler of the House

I watch your every move. Hear the words I cannot speak. Listen to the language I have learned by you, Master.

Let me nuzzle my nose beside your feet. Do I sound like I worship the ground you walk on? Oh heavens, no.

I may be inferior in this household but you will never completely control me. My dear friends…well, humans, I am not who you think I am.
I am the one and only Venus— the Morales' household pet…or rather, family dog. Whichever of which doesn't matter; regardless, I will forever be considered the Ruler of the house.

Now what do I exactly do in such a house? Why can I not lead my own pack of canines? Simple. These humans, have chose me to be part of their home. Evidently I learned to love such weird creatures. My previous plan of taking over the world has changed.

The first night at their house, I was bathed and feed with such delectable meals. What dog would refuse an offer like that? To be treated as a Queen in this household is a blessing! It is very nice of the young kids to play with me whenever I felt bored. I was looked upon with admiration by these wonderful, adorable little tykes. What are their names again? Oh yes, it's all coming back to me now. It is Efrain, Jonathon, Adam, and the cutest one of all, Alex.

The carriers of the little ones were very kind. However, I always wondered if the father was in his right mind. Sometimes he would do foolish things. One example was in Thanksgiving when he sat on a chair with plates and forks. The weird man didn't realize it until an hour or so.

How interesting! How can a human not feel the indentation of these objects in his chair? Do they not have eyes to see?

Oh why am I criticizing such humans! They are the benefactors of my reason of living! They are the entertainment in my televised life! They are…well, my family!
There I said it!

Ugh. It's such an embarrassment to say this to my fellow canines. My cult will be terribly disappointed if they find out. What a disgrace to hear that I have backed out my plan to one day; turn the world into a canine inhabited world?!

Well in that case, it doesn't matter anymore. I say I love this family beyond death. I have turned myself as a human to the Morales. I am looked upon as the sole guardian to the little ones (who have now grown by the way). No matter what day or week, I will forever cherish this family. The boys are quite adorable anyway. They've grown so much and talk quite impressively! It is no wonder why their mother is proud of them! The littlest of them is a pleasure to see at times. He spends time with me the most. He tells me things he doesn't normally say and for that, I am grateful. To be thought of that way shows how special I am to them…and him too. Yes, my dear Alex.

So as I lay here wanting to cry tears like humans, I will bare the pain for him. My dear, dear Alex. I will not allow myself to feel sympathy. I will not be seen as the soon to be non-existent figure in his life! Never! Never! My bones are weak but my heart is strong. My mind concentrates on my benefactors. They have done so much for me and have treated me with such fine respect! For once, I can actually give them my strength—show them that I am just as strong as you humans! Show them….show them….

His mother is walking to me with a very worried look in her face. That is not a good sign. Not at all.

Before I take my last breath, my dear humans (and family alike), I would like to say: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A/N: In loving commemoration of Venus- Leo's dear family dog