Why did you have to

Take my heart

All the way

To the grave

It's grave

Steal it and

Snap it in half

Walk all over it

Until it's nothing more than

Dust in the wind

You say to me

"That's the way that your heart crumbles"

So does that mean I just

Shut up and

Deal with it

With you

Does it mean that those

Shards of glass


All over

To be

Picked up by anyone

Could be the same things

Once hurt


Hurt someone


Don't come near


Look at me

I don't want you to

See my cry

Watch me cry

Over you

Over nothing

A helpless spectator

But only because

You're unwilling to

Lend a hand

Blood seeps from

Once healed wounds

Staining shards of my heart



But I don't want

Anyone to

See right through me


Into me

Like you always could

Not if

This is what it feels like

But how can I say that

When I can't feel a thing

If this is


Then I suppose that's the end

But why

I can't seem

To remember why

It ever started