When he arrives they have already started, seated on the floor, mouths locked together. Both look up at his entrance and he smiles, seeing how much like lovers they are. The blonde boy is his beta, short hair tousled with their activities. The other has long silvery hair and is something of a stranger, and the sight of the curve of her body in his hands strikes a pang of jealousy within him. Smiling he steps into the room, letting the door swing silently closed behind him, elegant movements enhanced rather than hidden by the sway of the loose Chinese silk coat. Leather jeans cling to his things, comfortably tight.
His beta gets up, smiling and takes a bundle of leather and steel and hands it too him with instructions. He sighs and casts the bundle aside. With a snap of his fingers she is bound tight with silk strands to the floor. The younger boy gives him another instruction and he shoots him an emerald glare. Cowed, the blonde stands aside to let him pass and he helps the girl sit upright
Her kiss is undeniably sweet and his knees shake slightly, planted firmly as they are against the floor. His hands tease at her spine, a stroke he knows well by now, and behind him his beta strokes his own form through the silk. Distracted, he twists his neck and she seizes her chance, dropping a sharp bite down over his jugular. He hisses to disguise his moan and another mouth joins her at his throat, making the most of his one real weakness, turning him on so shamelessly under his clothes.
Pulling back he looks from one to the other, wondering just when it was that he relinquished his power to them.
The beta moves in and kisses the girl for a long minutes while he is calm enough to watch, recovering his breath. With a wave he undoes the girl's bonds, saying something about this being too much fun to bother with inhibitions. The kneeling blonde is interrupted by his Alpha putting hands on the top of his jeans and demanding 'off' in no uncertain voice. He sighs, chastised and grabs the wrong end of the stick, shooting the tigress a mournfully longing glance. The alpha sighs, shakes his head and motions again to the jeans. Obediently the boy wriggles free of the blue denim and the offending article of clothing is thrown aside. There is power play between the two alphas while the beta makes some comment about taking off his alpha's top, and a reference to a stomach you could lick honey off. The tigress removes her nightshirt, leaving her in nothing but lacy black underwear and the shadows cast by the dim lights in the room.
Knowing it is now his turn he moves back and stands, fingers catching the edge of his shirt and lifting the black silk over his head. He flings the garment aside and stretches before delighting in running splayed fingers over his own chest and down over the pale flat expanse of his abdomen. As the other two stand two and walk over, both discarded themselves of their remaining clothing, he nonchalantly thumbs open the fly of the leather jeans with an easy smile, passing his free hand over her stomach before drawing her into an embrace and kisses her deeply.
The beta takes advantage of his alpha's distraction and drops to his knees, slowly peeling back the leather to reveal as much of his alpha's obvious desire as he dares. He older boy steps back, kicking the fallen leather from around his ankles and runs his hands in a clear path from throat to thighs, slender fingers travelling suggestively over chest, abdomen and groin. But after he finished that movement the wolf was taken aback to find his Beta kneeling on the floor before him, a hopeful look in his watercolour blue eyes.
Unaccustomed to such a look, in this exact situation he simply stood, watching in something like amazement as his beta wrapped loving arms around his hips, nuzzling at his hardening sex. The girl stood at his side, one arm looped around his slender waist, the other resting on the beta's shoulder. He slips an arm around her smaller frame, nuzzling into her neck just as the kneeling boy engulfs him into the hot wetness of his mouth. He gasps into her skin, breath hitching in his chest causing him to shudder as he is drawn out with a skilled tongue. She smiles, watching them and feeling his reaction against her skin as he is petted with one hand while still under the attentions of his beta's mouth. He bites down on her collarbone, the action muffling the moan that is still attempting to fight itself free. One hand curves into the back of the beta's head, pushing him forwards until the boy feels himself nudging the back of the other's throat, just as he closes his jaw slightly, sharp teeth a desirable threat.
He let's go of the girl, knowing if he bites any harder he will risk breaking her and lets his moan of pleasure and surprise into the room, ending in some fast explicative as he pulls back out of the reach of his mouth.
Panting he stands, with his shoulders hunched, brown hair flowing over his face only to be pushed back out of his vision by her as she gently wipes away the hot tears which stung at the corner of his eyes. He was not expecting that, but before he has a chance to regain his breath fully she covers his mouth with her own in a long kiss he cannot help but return. As they break he kisses his alpha, before falling back to let them converse, eye intent on the way their bodies look together, her curves and his harsh straight lines. He knows his alpha almost as well as he knows his own self, but never has he seen the other boy quite like this. Never so hard and the gaze he shoots across them is hungry for them both. He leans against the side of the sofa, calmly letting his own hands stroke himself as he watches them both. His alpha is not a slender curvaceous sort of boy, all man, especially when compared to the pretty little thing with curves to die for. He smiles, green eyes hooded, but eager to see her hands slide between his legs to touch him as his own fingers find her opening, warm and wet as the mouth that had earlier engulfed him.
Their moans are interesting and while voyeurism is nice, he will not be content until he has everything he wants. Right now, he wants them.
He stands and goes over to them, his touch on their shoulders urging them to stand. Both rise to their feet, bodies never truly parting and he switches his attention to each in turn, every kiss as deep and eager as the last. His hands roam them, tweaking a nipple here, caressing the curve of a buttock briefly before moving on. He adds his fingers to those of his alpha, delighting in the warmth of her, so open, his free arm slipping under her shoulders for support. The blonde moves around, fingers trailing up and over where the two alphas bodies meet, both the same shade of snow pale. He steps up to his alpha, still being touched by the tigress, her smaller fingers pushing and prodding to see what makes the nicest moans, his own hands out to touch his alpha. He feels his knees go slightly weak at the touch and all of them sink to the carpet in unison, still touching who and what they want to.
He knows his beta through and through and so the two alphas work over him. He drags his nails down the boy's spine, and bites between his shoulder blades, enjoying the kiss muted whimper that arrives at his touch. Again a moan as she plays her fingers over him, swirling around his navel. By the time either of them falls back, he is writhing on the floor, alternately whimpering and groaning for more, hips thrusting backwards and forwards into hands that refuse to do more than tease. He leans over and whispers to the girl, who giggles and goes to sit on the couch. Not a permanent arrangement, just for now. He rises too, and leaves the beta on the floor, looking up and across at them both, seemingly distressed.
He walks across with a lithe grace to where his clothes lay forgotten and folds the silk shirt neatly, placing it one the couch next to where the tigress sits. He kisses her briefly before picking up his jeans, rescuing something from the hip pocket before folding those neatly too. He uncorks the little glass bottle carefully, still warm from the heat of his body, and the aroma of cinnamon and musk fills the room, herb scents, intoxicating and exotic. If you wanted funky flavoured gels, you would have to see his brother, because he was nothing if not traditional and he had been known to use the stuff for it aromatic qualities alone. He pours some of the liquid into a cupped palm and re-corks the bottle one handed before dropping it on the couch where there is no risk of it getting broken by a careless foot or fist. The beta knows the scent, associates it with his leader's room and the seemingly careless touches that never become anything more than a joke between them.
The beta kneels, shakily, knowing what is expected of him, nothing more than total submission, and follows the alpha's commands to the letter, on his knees, bent forwards, hands braced against the carpet, legs apart. He dips two fingers into the amber liquid and draws a teasing circle around the boy's opening, inciting a desperate moan, before he pushes his fingers in, all the way in one smooth thrust. He beckons the girl over with a nod and she too, dips her fingers into the liquid, drawing her palm over his arousal in artistic lines until he is completely covered and the beta is absolutely begging to be taken. He withdraws his fingers. Wiping his scent oil palm over his hip, a place she then drops a kiss and a bite enough to distract him from the task at hand until the beta thrusts his hips back, impatient and moaning. Without warning he places himself behind the boy, a soft nudge to reaffirm his presence before his takes all with one swift push. The blonde cries out loud, surprisingly high, a counterpoint to the alpha's deep moan. He makes some joke, something about his beta being surprisingly tight, but after that there is no breath left for speaking as the girl kisses both deeply before going round to the front and presenting herself for the untouched straining sex of the beta. He pulls back, most of the way out and the beta looks over his shoulder, receiving a nod, something akin to permission. Lord of all he surveys as always.
Ready and waiting she kisses him deeply before the alpha pushes both bodies forwards in one deep thrust, her back arching up at the double force of the invasion. They move in perfect unison, bodies glistening with perspiration at their efforts, each depositing bites and kisses wherever they can, too whichever body part presents itself. She spends a while on the other alpha's wrist, as he bites down on his beta's shoulder blades hard enough to break the skin, causing blood to mingle with sweat. He licks it off, almost as sweet as a release.
The intensity mounts with the volume of their noises. The beta's moans and grunts, the tigress's high pitched, almost musical voice, the wolvern alpha's soft noises of appreciation. The one between them came first, his whole body still and taught for a moment before flowing into her, and her crying out and clutching at them both, riding high on the waves of bliss before the beta has even finished. The alpha gives a last powerful thrust, gripping the hip of his beta hard enough to bruise as he flows out, perfectly still, both their names in his voice at once.
They fall in a tangle of limbs, blonde, white and brown all spilling over to mingle together, the scents of sweat and blood mixing with the heady scent of salt-sweet sex and cinnamon oil. Touching and kissing they belatedly pull themselves apart. Someone says something about it being fun, and maybe they should try it again sometime. The alpha touches the girl, clings to her, both opening out their arms for the beta, welcome in their embrace. There is no power in his kiss, only satisfaction as he kisses each in turn, and then they all turn to kiss each other, trying to perfect a three-way French without being the first to giggle.
The alpha licks away traces of blood and sweat and sex from each of his partners, they lean forward to do the same for him, all sitting in a rough circle as he draws them into a tight hug, with all the energy he has. Finally he gets up, exhausted and takes a pair of big thick blankets from a wooden chest by the door. He lays one down on the floor and they crawl across, sated and smiling, and flop in a mess. He lays the blankets over them and crawls under himself, between the two of them lying on his back. The beta curls up to him, using his shoulder as a pillow, one arm lying across his abdomen. The girl too lying along side him, one leg lying lazily across to touch the beta's thigh, her hand absently resting above the brown-haired boy's navel. They fall asleep like that, intertwined and at peace, with the world and each other.
He keeps himself awake slightly longer than they can, feeling the rhythm of his heart slow to something like bearable, and listening to the sounds their make against him. He hears the words in his own breast, knows they hear them to, even in dreams. He falls asleep, feeling branded, branded by the things he hold in his arms.
I - love.
Love - both.
Love - you.
For - ever.
No - pain.
Glass - rose.