I'm ordinary. I'm stupid. I'm everything I wish you could be instead of me... Why? Because my life sucks.

If you haven't realized it yet, you huge nothing, I'm a teenager. I'm insecure and I'm all about popularity, and blah blah blah. I'm nothing like what movies portray girls my age to be like, and either are most of the girls that I know. I just wish that these movie writers would drop dead. Most of the movies they try to create nowadays aren't even original, and they're horrible anyway. Do you see as little point in them as I do?

"What are you doing?" A teacher asks me as I continue to carelessly scribble all over my math homework.

"Uhm... Drawing?" I reply.

"I'd have expected you to have grown out of this childish behavior by--" Blah, blah, blah, blah. I try to drone her voice out. It's beginning to sound like a person from Snoopy. "Are you listening to me!?" Uh-oh.

"Yes..." I find a friend of mine, or at least someone I can pretend is my friend, so I can dash away with an excuse. And off I go, leaving my bitchy teacher hanging.

The hallways in my school are very colourful. It's nice... To have a school with some style, I mean. I've visited schools that don't have anything decorative anywhere due to laziness and fire laws, but my school is cool and totally ignores that. The people, on the other hand, aren't very nice at all. They are total opposites of the wall, and of me.

There's so much about myself that they don't know, and I'm not sure that they should. Hell, I'm not sure they'd believe me. I'm not even sure that I believe me. I can't say that it all came on so fast, because it didn't. I shouldn't say that I didn't see it coming to me, because in a way, I did. I'm not talking about partying, or a guy, or some pointless thing like that. I'm talking about something you've never experienced ever. I know this, because I know more than you'll ever realize.

I keep on walking down the hallway behind my "friend," thinking of excuses to make for when I see the teacher again next. That's the negative about these things - something is done, only to be reversed eventually. So, in a way, it makes almost no sense to react to things, but people do anyway because it's in our nature. Like they say, every action has a reaction, no matter how long it takes for this saying to apply.

I'm getting thinky again... This isn't good. When I get thinky, I get depressed. Why, why, why!? do I have this ability?!

I get onto the smelly, headache producing bus, and finally, go home.

I have many memories of what happened to me. Many of them are fond, actually. I had dreams with a man in it. He was beautiful. In one, I had had his child. Actually, I shouldn't call him a man, for he was only about seventeen in most of my dreams. He usually was seen in them wearing mostly black. He had blonde hair and light eyes, which I'm assuming were blue. I think that I've seen him before in reality, too. A few years ago, when I was around thirteen, at the mall. The only difference was that his eyes were an unbelievably bright green. Another fact is that no one else saw him that day...

I'm not sure entirely of what, or who I am. But I know things. I know what will happen to you, to your friends, to your lover, or the child you may carry on the inside. There have been times when I've thought I was insane, or just totally normal... But now I know. Something has been happening to me for years, and it's coming to it's halt very soon. He's going to stop it when it's at its peak. I don't think that I was supposed to know about this... But my dreams told me. My thoughts told me.

I don't know who or what he is. I don't know if he's human, or a robot, or some sort of immortal. Maybe he can help me to figure out what I am? I guess I'll have to wait and see.