Author's note: WARNING!! Bad language!! Oh noes!! I use the "c" word!! Among other things. Don't read it, or deal with it: your choice. You were warned.

Brave New World

Crazy world
just bite your nails and it will pass:
gang wars and nuclear war

Sexy & Dangerous as death,
a culture of worshipers follow him in the streets...
a jazz polyphony of nothingness:
that is what you get for your hard work.
Salve the wounds
cry and scuttle away.

Stand up and fight, cunt.
Face your evil empire/axis of evil

Don't worry– we will be saved when the Rapture comes...
no need to save the world.
Just blow it up; fuck the bomb!

Addicted to pop culture
culture like poppies (we are all addicted to something)
Open your arms for the Brave New World
(no more suffering & pain)