The whispers;
they're ringing.
I lay in my bed.
I hear them,
can't see them;
it's all in my head.
I hear it,
I feel it,
I know that they're there.
But no one
beside me
can hear it; the air.
They're driving me crazy;
these whispers of theirs.
All talking about me,
the me standing here.
I wish I could block them;
drone them out of my head.
But still they keep going.
I want to be dead.
The others are staring,
I'm yelling out stop.
They're snickering, laughing
all because of the talk.
I'm dying
so slowly;
I'm going insane.
I'm tearing
my heart out
so I'll stop the pain.
The whispers'
they're stopping.
I bleed in my bed.
Can't hear them,
can't see them
no more in my head.