I looked into your eyes

By: Gray Angel

I was swimming in a world of darkness,

Then I looked into your eyes…

My world was filled with light.

I was locked deep within my room.

Then I looked into your eyes…

The door swung open.

My heart was so empty.

Then I looked into your eyes…

It was filled with love and peace.

My head was swarming with bad thoughts.

Then I looked into your eyes…

The swarm died down and my thoughts were good.

I looked into your eyes…they shone with good and purity.

I heard your voice…it was like that of an angel.

I saw your face…more beautiful then words can illustrate.

You sang to me…it moved me in a way I never thought possible.

I saw your eyes so gentle, with green and the golden stars, and when I look close enough I see the beautiful blue showing me that you are happy.

Before I met you my world was incomplete, undone, and nothing to live for...

I looked into your eyes.

My world was complete, it was done, and I have something to live for.

All these feelings come at once, they are hard to express, but I know I can do it as long I have you by my side.

Your eyes are so beautiful, nothing that happens will ever make them lose their shine.

I love you with all my heart, that is all I have, that is all I can give you.

I love you.