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Freakier than this...'The storm did it!'

Think to yourself. If I weren't me, who would I be? Would I even like me if I were someone else? Honestly, I don't think we will ever know.

What I do know is that I am myself, and there's nothing I can do to change it. I can try to be someone other, but I don't think I would know where to start. Besides, some people actually like me as myself; although I don't know why. Psh...They're freaks. My freaks.


I was walking all casual-like to school one day, and out of NOWHERE this HUGE gust of wind knocks me around a bit and puts an end to my ever cool stride. Wondering what brought a change in the heavens, I looked up into the sky and saw clouds that weren't there five minutes ago.

Feeling rather strange and unnerved, I resumed mypace with a bit more awareness when I felt something hard, cold, and wet hit me on the top of my dark blue head.

"….What…thefuck?" I am totally freaked out right now as school is a little more than a mile away and I decided to miss the bus. It WAS bright and warm, so I decided to take advantage of this rare yet pleasing display and stretch my legs. It's not like anyone was waiting for me.

Most people my age, fifteen that is, have loads of friends and a certain select group they hang out with. Not a category, a group of random friends and such. I am not the most sociable creature at first glance, but if you get to know me I'm like a broken music box. I can go on and on and on, or I can be completely silent and still be happy.

I think the fact I have little-to-none (okay NO) friends is also due to the fact that I am SO GAY. Isn't it just hilarious when you can point someone out and say 'he is SO fucking gay'? It's okay, I do it too. Well, yeah…that's me. It could be the way I walk…or the way I stare at guys' asses in gym. You never know…But I do know that no one even tries to be social with me. Not even the nicest and most understanding girls because they are afraid of what their 'friends' would think.

Once again, that's another reason I don't have any friends. It's hard enough to deal with me, but other people? I'd rather be stuck in a vicious hailstorm…

And that's how I got here…in this vicious hailstorm… being pummeled by large chunks of freezing ice and being blown about like unwanted smoke from a cigarette. I tried to run for cover under an oak tree planted firmly in someone's yard, but I think the oak was trying to run away too, so I decided to take my plea for shelter elsewhere. Like this house right here...


"Kitten, go use the bathroom RIGHT now. You're old 'nough to know not to shit yourself by now, right? You're all stinky, too. Take a shower Kit, GodKNOWS youneed it." After Menette was finished preaching to her son, she walked to the kitchen to make him breakfast. She was a stay-at-home mother and was paid for doing her share in the community every now and then. Of course, she also received "charitable donations" from the people to help her "manage" her baby boy. Although he was fifteen years old, he still hadn't learned to do a lot of normal everyday things. He just wasn't capable of learning like other children, he was mentally ill is what they called it. Although she knew it went way beyond that, she accepted and embraced it.

Now, she had no problem with taking the money, it was just that every time she received it, she felt like they were saying, "Here, take this money and get your son fixed. In the meantime keep that fucked up little fucker out of our way and out of our schools." She didn't mind teaching her son, after all, that's what mothers are supposed to do. She just didn't like that she was one of the only other people hegot tosmile or laugh at.

They had become close over the years and loved each other dearly. They came to an agreement years ago to be honest and truthful with each other when he asked why she didn't have any friends to go play with.

She sighed and said, "Honey, I do have friends. You are the only friend I need anyway. And your father is mummy's best friend."

"Then why don't you seem that happy? I wanna do stuff mommie. But I can't, and I try, but I can't. How come we can't go do stuff mommie?"

It was then she told him all of the information in which he understood at great lengths. (Shocked her s'much she baked him some cookies for being able to comprehend) He was different and special, but she loved him more than anything and didn't mind doing what she did.

That brings us back to the present…

"I wonder what'll happen to that boy when we're gone Mennie. Think he'll be able to handle himself?"

Menette looked up and smiled at her husband, walked over to him, and popped a freshly made bagel into his mouth. "I just thank God that 'e has a loving mother AND father to take care of him and keep him healthy...Er, as healthy as he can be."

Saje Kilmer smiled through his bagel at is wife of twenty years, grabbed his coat and umbrella, yelled his son a muffled goodbye, and set off to work. As the door automatically locked behind him, he looked into the sky at the strange pattern of clouds and wondered faintly if it would rain.

Menette waited for the car to leave the driveway before pressing her face to the glass and staring out of the window. Silently praying to God that he would send her something to help ease her pain and make her kitten, Jamon, understand things as well as he understood he was different. In receiving a hailstorm, she wasn't too anxious to find out if God had responded.

Hearing an urgent pounding on the door and a string of rushed rings of the doorbell, she yelled a brief, "I HEAR you," and wiped her brown hands on a paper towel lying on the counter. After she disposed of her new foundwaste product, she went to the door and opened it carefully so as not to provoke the hail.


She stepped aside and let the young, blue-haired stranger in her warm, cozy house. After shutting the door she examined him and asked with faint amusement, "So…it's pretty cold out there, huh?"

He looked to be considering this and trying not to be rude at the same time. He had the most disbelieving look on his face until it faded away to an uncomfortable, unsure grin. He nodded at her.

"Well, I'm Menette. I see you need a little refuge from the falling ice of doom, so I will allow you to stay here for the duration of the hailstorm." She held out her hand forhim to shake.

"H-hello Mrs. Menette, I am Kier (pronounced Keer) Rothurt. And thank you SO much." He gently grabbed her warm hand with his cold and instantly sealed something much stronger than just an agreement to wait out the storm.