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-- (Chapter 3) --

"Uh uhheh hmm…I-I dunno, if you want me- I mean if you want to be fr-friends. I guess…um."

"OKAY! Then I want us to be friends, Kier!"

He sat there smiling the cutest smile ever. I didn't really know what to say except yes. Well, not in so many words. Ummm, God what do I do now? He's just looking at me. That is so not cool!

"I-I'm hungry Kier. Can you get me a bagel? With the sweet, white stuff on it, please?"

Sure I can get you a bagel with sweet, white stuff on it. Do you want cream cheese with that, also?

"Umm, yeah…I-I'll be back."

I practically ran out of the room and down the stairs. My face is so hot! In more ways than one! Curses….

Bagels…yummy. Pick it up and spread it over the TOP! It's so good you just can't STOP! So you eat them pop, pop, POP!

Making up songs to distract yourself is so GAY! God, what am I doing? That's too much cream cheese. I hope he doesn't mind. Sigh…

"Here you go, Jay. I'm sorry if I put a little too much cream cheese on it."

He sat there smiling at me with the weirdest and possibly happiest facial expression I've ever seen. It was sooo sexy…


"You called me JAY! I always wanted that nickname. Nobody calls me that. And I like lots of the white stuff. It tastes real good."

….I hope this hailstorm kills me. This is so revealing.


I'm waiting for him to come back now. He left real fast. I wish I could go fast. I think I can move my leg if I try real hard…ow, my head hurts now. I wish I could control my muscles all the time. It sucks not being able to run.

At least Kier still likes me. I haven't screwed up yet. Not like that time when I was six.


"One, Two, Three, Four…"

I was walking really fast trying to find a good hiding place. My cousin Rachelle and her friend Gregory wanted to play hide and seek and they said that they couldn't play with only two people. So they made me play too.

Gregory was counting to twenty and I think he was cheating! I'm trying to hide behind the tree. It's right there…

"…Ten, eleven, twelve…"

…but I don't make it. I fall. I can't move my legs anymore. I can't move my right arm or my mouth, either. It stays open. I hate when this happens. When I lose control over myself.

I try to close my mouth with my left hand, but I'm having a hard time because I fell on it and it hurts.

"I found you! You're it now!" he tags me and steps back. "Come on! You're it! Go count!" I'm just looking up at him now. He doesn't understand. Where is Rachelle? Why didn't she tell him? I can't move Greg. Don't be mad.

"So you don't want to play with us? You think you're better than us? FINE THEN! I didn't like you anyways!" He walked off…back to the party. My birthday party where everyone was but me. I closed my eyes and fell asleep because I knew no one would look for me until later.

So I cried myself to sleep; making small gasping noises through my still open and dry mouth.

((End flashback))

"Here you go, Jay. I'm sorry if I put a little too much cream cheese on it."

Wha- did he just call me Jay? I'm smiling now. No one calls me Jay. I've always loved that name. I usually just call myself Jay when no one is around.


"You called me JAY! I always wanted that nickname. Nobody calls me that. And I like lots of the white stuff. It tastes real good."

He hands me my bagel and sits down on my bed looking uncomfortable. I lick some of the white stuff off the bagel, rip a piece off, and pop it into my mouth.

I moan because Mummie made them really good this time. I always loved the way Mummie cooked. It always tasted so good. Not that I've really eaten other people's food.

Kier is blushing again. I like him.

"Cang goo gwaw, Kiew?" I swallowed the rest of the bagel in my mouth and repeated the question because he looked so confused. "Can you draw?"

He laughed a little bit and blushed some more. "Oh, I thought you said something else. Umm, no. I can write though. I do lots of poetry. English was the only subject I got an A in." He gave me a sheepish grin.

"Hey, you two, why don't you go on downstairs and get a DVD to watch? It'll make time go by faster, and the hailstorm should be lettin' up by the time it's over."

"OK, Mummie!" I grabbed his arm with one hand and shoved some more bagel into my mouth with the other.

When we got downstairs I went over to the movie drawer and opened it.

"Man, you guys sure are stocked up."

"I love movies! All you have to do is sit there and enjoy it. You don't have to move for no reason."

He smiled a little bit at this…and then his eyes widened and he yelled, "OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS HAVE THAT MOVIE?"


We were lying on our stomachs on Jay's fantastically soft, black bed. Ha…his bed…that's funny.

Any who, we were watching "That Movie." It's about a young, homeless, gay man living in parks around a city. Then one day he comes across this really nice (not to mention uber sexy) rich guy. He takes him in and cleans him up. He even gave him a JOB at his COMPANY! So they fall in love with each other. Then when the rich guy's company begins to die, they are both thrown into a world of confusion. Like when the guy's wife and two kids come back home to support him.

It's really very funny and sad. And it doesn't involve AIDS or drugs whatsoever, as most films with homosexual people do. Now it was on the ending scene where both guys are in the SAME bed…the wife left, but the kids wanted to stay, so they DID because the wife doesn't care. She was really unattractive actually.

Yeah…so they're in the bed and they're looking at each other…everything else totally forgotten. Then…the guy who used to be homeless looks away and blushes. This is so cute! No wonder it's rated R. And oh my God, they filmed that? I can't breathe. Oh, it's so sensual. Ohhh, no he didn't just DO that! I'm SO trying that.

The whole time my face is burning and my pants are starting to feel too attached. Who bought this movie?

I look over at Jay and almost die. He looks extremely uncomfortable. And he keeps shifting around. His eyes are glued to the screen and somewhat fogged over. His cheeks are a slightly darker color than I remember them being. Is this turning him on, too? Maybe I should've chosen a different movie. He's biting his lip now…and I almost forget the TV.

So I look back at the screen and HOLY SHIT! He's like…Oh, FUCK! Can't…look…away. I though this was a romantic comedy, not hardcore PORN! I still can't catch my breath and soon I'm imagining Jamon and me on that screen instead…


I don't know what's happening. I've seen this movie before. My mama bought it because she's addicted to it she said. So I watched it with her. And I was a bit uncomfortable because I was with my mom watching two guy do stuff together. But now, it's different. Because now, I'm with a really pretty guy watching two guys do stuff together. And I can't stop thinking about these other two guys doing things.

I can't breathe. I bite my lip because I don't want him to get the wrong idea if I moan, and then he'll be mad at me. Although he's watching it too and isn't complaining about it yet. But I'm not gay, am I? I probably like both.

Right now it's hard. I don't know what to do. I'm not gonna do THAT while he's here! Why does this look so erotic all of a sudden? Okay, now it's aching. This sucks. I hate it when I can't control my muscles! Especially this one…


The two boys laid there watching gay porn, wanting to do much more than just watch. The End….of this chapter…SOOOOOO? What did you think of this unnecessary gay moment? I liked it…I was just typing…my mind wouldn't stop. I totally made up the movie as I went. And for some reason I pictured the setting from the movie "She Devil." It was weird….hmm. REVIEW!!! Please!