The Perfect Day of School

The Perfect Day of School

At Newtown Jr. High there are many things the students hate, one thing being the teachers. So when they came to school to find that there were no teachers there they were so excited.

Ella: No teachers, this could be the perfect day of school.

Mercury: I'm going home.

Mira: How do you plan on getting there?

Mercury: Walk.

Jupiter: You going to walk down those roads, idiot.

Mercury: Fine I'll stay here…

Leah: Hey everyone!

Mercury: Um, I think some asphalt has my name on it, later people.

Ella: You're not leaving!

Jupiter: I didn't know you were that suicidal…

Mercury: I'M NOT SUICIAL! I'd just rather die than have to listen to Leah all day.

Mark: Stop-making fun of my girlfriend puts arm around Leah

Mercury: What girlfriend I only see a monkey.

Mira: Look over a little bit then you see Leah, the monkey is Mark.

Mercury: Uh, whatever. I'm going to um, away from here…

Sasha: Hello everyone.

All (but Mercury): Hey

Soon enough Mark and Leah start kissing.

Kitty: Get a room!

Sasha: They are in a room, not their own room, but a room none the less.

Jupiter: I don't care, just get them out of here.

Mercury: Ew… Gross… Nasty… Gross… Ew… HOW DO YOU BREATHE!

Mark: mmmraaawmmmm


Dan walks up to the group

Dan: Oh, who's winning?

Mark: Mmmmeaaa

Dan: Hey Jupiter want to play?

Jupiter: Maybe later…

Mercury: If you keep talking with your mouth full maybe you'll choke on her tongue…

Both pull away from each other laughing.

Mercury: I was serious.

Sasha: Prodigious.

Ella: What?

Sasha: I just wanted to say prodigious.

Ella: Okay…

Mira: So what the fuck are we going to do?

Mark: I dunno.

Mercury: You dunno?

Ella: No teachers…no Mr. Milligan…

Mira: Various opportunities…

Both laugh evilly

Mercury: joins evil laughter

Leah and Mark: laugh evilly as well

Mercury: stops and glares at the monkeys.

Kitty: Now what do we do?

Mercury: Let's get money.

Mira: Yeah! Rob the school store!

Ella: No way. Borneman's office, that's where the cash is. Maybe in the front office. Of course, we'll need keys…janitors closet might have something…

Everyone: Stares at her in surprise for thinking of something so evil.

Ella: What? It's only common sense.

Mercury: backing away slowly Are you a frimie.

Ella: NO!

Jupiter: What's a frimie?

Mira: Let's go get money!

Everyone except for the monkeys: Yeah!

Mark: Um…we'll just stay here.

Leah: Yeah!

Large group of people around Leah and Mark who are all dressed alike walk up and block the entire hallway.

People who want money: go around them

After searching all areas Ella mentioned and finding a surprisingly large sum of money…

Kitty: Let's go see what's in the cafeteria. Lunches are such a rip off that they should have tons of cash!

Mira: Good idea.

Enter the lunchroom to find Leah and Mark making out on the floor.

Mercury: Isn't that sticky?

Ella: It should be with all the crap people throw on the floor. In fact, I think someone threw up in that exact spot yesterday.

Mercury: Oh, how pleasant. But pretty cool to think about since it Leah and Mark… no offence the she laughs at her last remark

Kitty: What exactly do you plan on doing with all the money we get?

Mercury: I don't know about you, but I plan on getting the hell out of here.

Ella: Something more realistic…

Mercury: Skateboard… or a ton of CD's, which ever I feel like.

Mira: Well instead of talking about what you're going to do with the money why don't we go get it. Mira, Mercury, Ella, and Kitty walked into the area where the cash registers are

Mercury: I'll get the snack line with Kitty and you two can get the Lunch line, but remember we split it all at the end equally, can afford any fights, or shit like that.

Kitty: * giggles * SHIT * giggles *

Mira: It's not that funny.

Ella: Oh no, she got into the Peach Iced Tea.

Then they see Alex walk away from behind the stand with all the drinks.

Alex: singing I but Marijuana in the tea…

Ella, Mira, and Mercury: Oh no…

Rini: You asshole!

Mercury: What was that? She walks outside the doors to see what's going on

There she sees Mike and Jamie standing together while Rini shouts insults at Mike.

Mercury: walks back into doors where he friends still are Just Rini beating the crap out of her Ex nothing more than that.

Jupiter: walks in where the others are standing, as soon as the see her they jam the money down their pockets hoping that they won't have to share I feel bad!

Mira: You should, why must you have been born?

Jupiter: That's not it. I broke up with Dan.

Mercury: Good for you!

Ella: Um… why?

Mercury: 'Cause Dan smells like shit and he's annoying

Ella: Not you, dumb ass!

Mercury: I am not Duke!

Mira: Duke is not a dumb ass!

Mercury: Oh yeah… he's a duck!

Ella: Duke is a dumb ass, Mira I thought we agreed on this before.

Jupiter: Uh yeah… talk to you later. Then she leaves

Kitty: Standing on empty counter space I am Batman!

Tom: No I am!

Mercury: No, you're confused with Robin!

Tom: I'm Batman too.

Ella: Yeah Tom, your Batman.

Tom: Leaves them.

Kitty: Fine then… I'm Satin!

Mercury: Um… I think Mike took that name already.


Ella: That works.

Mira: Can we lock her in here?

Mercury: I don't see why not. Mercury takes out keys. Mercury, Mira, and Ella leave the kitchen area and lock Kitty inside

The End

Well of Part one at least. I'd also like to tell people that I didn't write this entire story a few parts were written by my friend Ella. So she does get some credit for this story. All of the characters were based on real people therefor all characters are © to themselves. I do plan on writing more.