Part 2: Short Section

Part 2: Short Section

Note: Due to my reviews I would like to explain some things. Mark and Leah are not monkeys that name is given to them in this story in order to mock them. Any of the sailor moon type names are nicknames for my friends and me. Also Peach Iced Tea is bad because according to Alex AKA the Clone it has LSD in it and then one day he was walking around singing "I put marijuana in the tea". Mark and The Clone call each other Doug and Porkchop in this part because one day Mark was dressed in the Doug-look and The Clone was dressed in gray. Also keep in mind that most people I know are clinically insane. Mostly to people this story is confusing and I apologize for any drops in your IQ this may cause. And a further note my grammar isn't very good so watch out for those evil mistakes. (I misspelled grammar, thank you spell check!)

Mark: I broke up Leah, Then I went out with Danielle, then I broke up with her. Where's Jamie?

Mercury: Maybe it should be where's Cate?

Then Mercury shoves Mark into Kitchen Area in locks the door.

Soon shouts and screams follow this from Cate shouting to be free.

The Clone: Ooogabooga shebaaaadad! Then he ran away

Mark shouting from the kitchen: Porkchop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Clone: Dooooooooooooouggy!!!!!!!!!! then he ran away again…

Selphie: Where's Franky?

Ella: Why?

Selphie: I want to tell him that I'm going out with Tori.

Mercury: What?

Ella: Did I miss something?

Mercury: I think we did.

Mira: When are we going to get out of here?

Ella: When am I going to find out what exactly happened here?

Mercury: When am I going to lock The Clone up with the rest of the psychotic masses?

Selphie: … then she walks away

Cate: I don't want to be locked up with a PIMP let me go!

Mercury: Only those deserving to be free shall be released… plus I like seeing you tortured…

Mira: Yes, fry Quack-Quack-Cate, the one who made fun of my boyfriend! We should burn her at the stake!

Ella: Don't you think that's a little bit rash?

Mira: No…

Russ: Hi

Mercury: Hi Russ.

Aha! Another character appearance

Russ: enters his own little DBZ world

Mercury: We really need to find something to do…

Mira: How about we lock of The Clone so he can't cause anymore trouble.

______________________________The End_______________________________

Well of Part two at least. I'd also like to tell people that I didn't write this entire story a few parts were written by my friend Ella. So she does get some credit for this story. All of the characters were based on real people therefor all characters are © to themselves. I do plan on writing more.