A is for Alice who I shot in the head.

B is for Betty tied up in my bed.

C is for Carmen whose limbs I lopped off.

D is for Deirdre who liked it real rough.

E is for Evan who I stuck with a needle.

F is for Franny whose body I covered with beetles.

G is for Gaby who I tossed into a bog.

H is for Hannah who I slammed with a log.

I is for Isabelle now covered with slime.

J is for Jamie who I choked with a lime.

K is for Kelly who I stabbed seven times.

L is for Lindsay whose body I slashed in straight lines.

M is for Mindy who I strangled at dawn.

N is for Nicole, cowardly as a fawn.

O is for Oriana whose neck was too nimble.

P is for Patsy in whom I carved a symbol.

Q is for Quincy Left alone in the wild.

R is for Riley who went with a smile.

T is for Teensy whacked with a bat.

U is for Ulla who 'tripped' down the stairs.

V is for Vera who was trampled by 'Mares'.

W is for Wendy with whom I made a mistake.

X is for Xandra who found I was fake.

Y is for Yolanda who tried my big case.

Z is for Zada who stuffed pills in my face.