By Leoanda Taylor

It was cold, dank, and incredibly dark. There was no way that anyone could see their own hand if they were to stay inside. No eyes – not even cats – could see inside this cell.

A quiet patting of water droplets – dripping one by one, a continuous drone able to make even the calmest person go mad.

The cold stone walls let in an unknown draft. The dampness of the walls sending a chill down any spine.

Some of that coldness though, was not due to the draft, nor the water sliding down the walls rims. No, some of that wetness is tick and sticky. If a light was on in the room, the redness would shock anyone as it was spattered and drawn allover.

But in the pitch darkness, it remained unknown.

And in this cold and cruel cell… one being resided.

The thick, heavy metal door groaned as its lock slid against the rusted metal. A blinding light entered the room.

You cover your eyes against it using your hands. A sick and twisted laughter enters your ears, almost deafening you as you have heard nothing but the water dripping from the ceiling above you for months – years.

You try to sit up against the pain you feel all over your body. Pushing your way up the wall to stand…. But to no prevail…. Your feet give way, and your body collapses to the ground…. You once again hear that awful and dreaded laughter.

And then a voice… speaking words you can't quite make out…. Then all becomes clear to you as you catch the last three words of his sentence….

Nothing but the tense silence and smell of fear is left in the room….