By Leoanda Taylor
Chapter 1

Ten years have past since that fateful day. Somehow.... it is still unknown just how.... but somehow, you managed to escape. You don't remember where that terrible cell was....

As soon as you left you started out of the dark forest and ran all the way to the nearest city, where a doctor treated you. His name was Dr. Jonathan Greene.

He helped you start a new life after he healed you. Now you live with him in a large house. You both like each others company and tend to do things together. He is not much older than you – a year or two at the most.

You live a healthy and supple life.... during the day.

At night.... nightmares haunt you of that cell.... and everything that happened.

Jon – the doctor – knows nothing of where you came from. You don't even know. And you are too afraid to speak aloud of the terrors you have faced.

But now.... you and Jon are on a camping trip with two of your new friends. This is the first time you have traveled out of the city since you found Jon. And although you fear what may lie ahead.... you feel as though this trip will be good for you.

So you journey out into the woods, facing your fears.

Don't worry.... Your guardian is watching over you....

Leoanda: Okay........ well, this is going to be a bit of an rpg thing. You'll see in further chappies, but right now i'm just wondering if I should carry on with it. R&R! I will now only be updating this fic if I get 5 reviews, Ja ne manna-sama!