"Jane," B.B. whispered, "I have something to tell you." Jane wiped the tears from her eyes. Her story was complete. She looked at the cuts in her wrists. They were so deep. When did they stop bleeding?

"B.B., I'm dying," she said softly.

"I know, Jane." He looked away from her and stared at the empty road ahead of them. "The road never ends, Jane. It goes on forever. Do you remember anything? At all?"

"I told you everything I remember, B.B.," Jane said.

"I see..." B.B. said sadly and looked down and closed his eyes. "Could you try a little harder, you have to remember something, there's something I know you've forgotten."

Jane closed her eyes...

Dylan's fingers ran through her black hair. They were in bed for the first time and she was losing her virginity with the guy she thought she'd love forever.

Eric's lips ran across her bare skin as she thought guiltily about Dylan, then forced him from her mind.

A little blond girl ran across the field. Jane was nowhere in sight.

Delia and Jane were giggling in her bedroom as they discussed her losing her virginity.

The blond girl was older now. She stared dreamily at a boy across the street, and was promptly slapped by a man who looked like her father. Jane was still missing.

Jane was meeeting Eric for the first time, he smiled at her and excused himself smoothly.

The blond girl was kissing a boy, a boy named Ben. The boy moaned her name, Beth. They were laying in a field with no clothes on.

Dylan, Joe, Delia, and Jane were skinny dipping in a little lake in the woods.

Beth was dead in Ben's arms. Jane's vision was blurred.

Eric and Dylan were dead in Jane's apartment. Delia was running away.

Jane was dead in the taxi cab, B.B. leaning over her.

"Ben?" Jane whispered. B.B. stared at her lovingly.

"I knew you'd remember, Beth," he said, his smile making his eyes crinkle up.

"How..." Beth wanted to ask so much. She had so many questions. But she was with Ben now. "What happened to you? Why are you...here?"

"I'm here to get you, I want to take you home, Beth," he said softly, his hand gently placed over her's. "I died. I couldn't live without you. I just gave up. Then I realized you'd become someone named Jane. A woman whose life was about to take a turn for the worst. Jane's dead now, Beth. No one could have saved her but herself. And she didn't have the willpower to do that. But now you're free, Beth. You can come with me."

Beth smiled at Ben and touched her hand gently to his cheek. His skin black like midnight. Her's white like the moon. She wanted to be with him, wherever he was taking her. She kissed him softly, carefully, afraid that if she held him too tight he'd disappear. Ben kissed her back. Acceptance. They'd been through so much together. Love. Hope. Pain. Death.

"Let's go home, Ben," she said softly. Ben smiled at Beth and took her hand.

"Okay," he whispered back.

Beth looked into his eyes and saw what had always been there, the whole night when he was B.B. looking at Jane. When he was Ben, looking at Beth. She saw love.

Author's Note: The End.

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