Entangled by darkness
And swallowed by nightmares
She feels it eating her
Tearing at her soul
Ripping up her subconscious

Blood-filled nightmares
Haunt her every night
She wakes up screaming
And then she dreams again
Dying slowly during slumbers

Night is her only fear
Being alone is a suicide
She's all alone
Nothing will hurt her
And that hurts her most

That face haunts her always
The black eyes and a pale face
Dead boys seem to kill the most
She knows he's not real
But then why is she so scared?

Bringing him back to life
Resurrecting forgotten memories
Killing new opportunities
Lost in a sea of death
Old fears plague her every move

Don't look up when you go up the stairs
Who knows if she'll be up there
Swimming and drowning
Her childish ways are gone

Suffocated by the depression of others
She's being sucked in
Unwilling to be gone forever
Fighting to get out
It will never happen

There's never a happy ending.