Do you know the feeling to be unloved?

When all you get is pushed and shoved

When you feel you don't have a friend

and somehow you know it's a bitter end

Who you loved the most left you all alone

She knows that you love her from the feelings you've shown

But then she tells you it's just not right

Then all of a sudden she's out of your sight

She tells you all these wonderful things

Of how much happiness and joy you bring

And how you're so sweet and how you make her smile

But that doesn't make it, at all, worth while

It's just so hard, the pain's so real

You realize you can't escape this ordeal

With all the good memories you recall

It's still ends up to you taking the fall

She states how she's horribly indebted to you

For all the trouble she's put you through

For all the things you've said and done

For all the laughter and all the fun

She says she doesn't regret you're "in-the-dark-days"

How you hid from the world to keep your secret ways

She says she's glad she spent those memories with you

But that doesn't overshadow the pain you're going through

She starts to tell you how much she cares

But the only thing on your mind are the words "Life Is Unfair!"

Everything was so great, but it's all gone now

You wanna bring it all back but you don't know how

You start to remember some thing she said

While you lie lifeless with deep thoughts in your head

"You've been my everything ." guess that means it was only then

And you think it will never happen again

You love her just as much as before

For all you know maybe even more

Then you wonder if she still loves you too

Just when you called each other boo

She's out of your life, out of your reach

This is a sad tragic lesson life can teach

You believe there's hope and that true love waits

But you find out she's leaving for the United States

You think that all hope is lost

You could no longer take the pain it caused

Soon you think, "I'd rather be dead."

And these words stay stuck in your head

Until the tragic day you died

When you poisoned yourself with a cyanide

And so ends this tragic tale

Of a man who was sick and tired to fail...