"Sunset Rose"

Sunset falls on a lonely flower,

With petals of crimson flame,

And for just one golden hour,

Its beauty, all nature proclaims.

Basking in resplendent beam,

A blossom of colored glass.

The dew drops all like crystal gleam,

As fond mem'ries of the past.

The butterflies all gather near,

On silver-painted wings.

Listen closely, and you'll hear,

Them softly, sweetly sing.

In the quiet wood, a fragile rose,

Flooded with shimmering light,

Stands still in twilight's calm repose,

In defiance of the night.

May 7, 2005

Author's Note: My friends all got tired of me writing "depressing poems" so they made me write a "happy poem". This poem was actually inspired by a picture I drew on a paper table cloth at a restaurant which I wanted to accompany with a poem. Upon finding that I did not know a poem that properly described my picture, I wrote my own, thus the first stanza was born! After several weeks I added the last three. I hope you all enjoy it! Reviews are very much appreciated!