By:Andrew Troy Keller

Let me tell you folks right here and now,

I enjoy driving in a NASCAR race and how,

Because I really do have this need

To drive on a race track in such great speed

And worry about hitting anything like a cow.

As a matter of fact,it was during a NASCAR

Derby that I have met Jennilee Starr,

A NASCAR babe with the body of Hilary Swank.

And let me tell you that it was not a prank,

When I''ve married the hottest babe in NASCAR

History and we had became one happy couple.

And on May 6th,our family was able to double

With the arrival of a son named Noel and

A daughter named Molly,who is as grand

As her own mother,which was no trouble.

Well,all I could say is that as long

As I have a wife whose love is so strong

And two kids with a love for NASCAR,

I''m so very glad to be driving a race car

On a track,which is where I do belong.