The Orb Of Power


I am a young warrior. My name is Byron. I was trained in a weapon shop. I live in King's Cross. I was sent on a quest by my Queen.

My quest is to get an orb. The orb is in the Doom Cave. The world that I live in is Are-la.

Chapter One: The Quest

Slowly I walked back to the shop. As I walked in to the shop, I saw lots of long swords and grabbing hooks. Paul walked u to me and said hi, knowing that he world had said hello.

Paul was the shop keeper. He was my dad. I was trained in this shop to be a warrior. It was my dad who trained me.

I walked out of the shop. There was a tall man on a house. He walked up to me and said that I had to have this letter. Quickly I walked back to the shop. Looking down at it, I thought why a man would give me a letter. Suddenly I opened it up and read it. It said to go to the West Gate tonight.

Once the sun came down, I looked out of the window. No-one was watching. Slowly I walked out of the shop.

When I came to the West Gate, no-one was there. After two minutes, someone came out of the darkness. She said that I had to go on a quest. My quest was to my quest was to gat an orb that was called the Orb of Power. She stopped and sang…

All orbs for one

One orb two

Let them blind into darkness

As the men who has to die

One world for all

All worlds for many

Let them connect

Before the great bridge falls

The thing she said was that I had to have the gold medallion. She said it well save me if all else falls. She said to get somr weapons. I thought about it and then I said that will do it.

Chapter Two: Danger Run

I walked out of South Gate. I walked down a rocky road. The road was very long. Because I am a slow walker, this going to take a long time.

Suddenly, someone jumped out at me. She bumped me over. She glanced at me and asked me if she could go on my quest. I thought about this for minute and then said yes.

After sometime of talking I found out that her name was Princess Leza. I told her about the orb and what had to do. She said to me about a dragon that lived there.

We walked four an hour before we stopped. I could see three small dots on the hill, far a head. They look as if they were moving.

Quickly I moved out of the way. My heart began to beat harder. Was I about to die? Looking back, I saw a boy that was about my age ride up and kick the men of their horses. He then brought out his sword and killed them

Slowly, he walked up to us. He said that his name was Jonathon and he wish to join us. For a moment, I thought I couldn't trust him but I said yes. So we walked off.

That night, he Jonathon cooked. The food was rabbit with herbs. Tasted okay but it wasn't that good.

That night, looked at the stars. This was far from home. I almost died. But I knew that the quest had only just begun.