Lord of the Red Snake.
It was a snowy day late in the winter of The elves.All lie sleeping or working in their kingdoms. The dwarves mining,for gold,jewels, and other treasures, The men, taking shelter in their houses, The orcs. Competing for shelter underground with the dwarves, And the barbarians. fearlessly continuing there daily activites. Barbarians lived together in many large colonies, hardly ever splitting up. On this particular day however,something big was going to happpen!
In the Red Snake colony, Major was the head barbarian. He placed other barbarians in charge of weapons and provisions and things of limited importance , but he was in charge of all else. He also had to make sure nobody stepped out of line. Their survival depended on it.He ruled with deadly force.None dared challenge him,if they wanted to live!!!!!

Grayor was another barbarian in the Red Snake clan, who was not high in the ranks. Today he decided he would be brave and stand out. Little did he know his chance would come much sooner then he had planned.

As the Red Snake clan journeyed on, a snake-like figure came out of the shadows. Major started to approach it and as he did he unsheathed his sword . Grayor stepped in front of him, his mace ready in his hand , fingers twitching, poised to strike. Major started to say something, but,it was to late. Grayor had already rushed the serpent. His feeble blows were useless against the armor of the enemy. The fight was over before it began.

The snake landed a blow about five minutes into the fight. It's teeth sunk into Grayors right shoulder and the poision seeped rapidly through his body. He dropped where he stood, and with his last ounce of strength, he struck the snake once more.The beast shreiked in pain, Grayor's last blow had found it's mark.

Grayor slumped down to the ground unconscious.The snake scooped him up,and slithered swiftly away.Grayor awoke to find himself alone in the creatures dark lair,cold and shaking.

He knew he had only a few precious minutes before the serpent would return.He knew his mace was of little use, he sheathed it and looked around in the darkness for something else to use.

He saw a large steel bar shaped like a spear. He grasped it,and with all his remaining strength, he struck the serpent hard in the body.Dodging the snake's blows, He finally broke through it's scaly armor,He raised his mace,and deliverd the fatal blow. The creature fell to ground.The battle was over.

Exhausted he dropped to his knees. He felt something pressing into him. he felt the damp ground with his moist coins lay half buried,and some kind of necklace. He snatched up the treasures,and started to leave. A gasping sound stopped him in his tracks.The snake was not dead.''Go Grayor, and take your rightful place as Lord. You have passed the test. Wear the necklace , It will protect and guide you.Know this, Major is not who you think he is,Beware! With these last words the snake slumped to the ground. A blue haze of light filled the room,and a swirling form appeared, rising into the air. Grayor recognised the snake. "remember, my Lord I am always with you, You are never alone."The creature disapeared leaving Grayor with more questions then answers.

Grayor felt a pain in his shoulder and looked at it. Two teeth were embedded in the wound made by the snake. He took them out and inserted them into his white cloak pocket. He then ripped off a piece of his cloak and wrapped it around the wound. He then took out the steel piece, he had slayed the dragon with, and moulded the two teeth on to it to make a crude spear, with two prongs.

Grayor the left the lair in search of Major. He pondered over the snake's last words. Beware? Why would the snake tell him this? He decided he would sneak into the camp and find out for himself. He stopped off at the nearest human town, and he traded his coins for a loaf of bread and a few slices of cheese.

He left the town around dusk and started towards where his camp had last been. He walked just slightly less then an hour before finding them. He had almost walked right into the camp. He quickly spotted Major's tent and quietly inched towards it. When he had made it within hearing distance, he heard Major say "Those stupid barbarians. They think I am leading them to hope, well they'll soon see they are wrong!" he said laughing.

Grayor ran away from camp. He had to get help. The elves! he thought to himself smiling. "Oh, Major is going to wish he never messed with the Lord of the Red Snake!" he said smiling. He headed towards the elves kingdom, with great haste. He tripped over a stone in the early beginning, but yet he did not cry out in pain. He kept his haste up, his blood boiling.

It took him a few hours, and he arrived around dusk. He was not let in easily. He was checked twice, and was forced to give up his weapons before being admitted to see the King Gloriel.
"What do you want," the king asked quickly. Grayor quickly told him what he heard. And he thought the barbarians were going to invade the elven kingdom.

"Well, I shall assemble and army, and see if we can get assistance from the other races," the king said. The king sent elves to ask the orcs, men, and dwarves for asisstance. Grayor, headed with the king's men to the land of the orcs.

The orcs were dangerous. They had a tendency to eat their visitors. But they had changed a lot. Grayor walked into the orc's stronghold and was instantly meeted by answers of "Yes we will help you,"

So on the thirtieth day, the barbarian army stormed the king's forest, but were met with an army. But the barbarians army was double the size. Grayor, the orcs and the elves fought valiantly, but were fighting a losing battle.

The king was suddenly shot with and arrow, and he said to Grayor"Keep the egg safe," as he handed him an egg. Suddenly with a red flash of light, a serpent's spirit was on the battlefield, striking barbarians.

It was what they needed. The barbarians left their leader and came begging for mercy. "I am your leader now!" Grayor said smiling. Grayor and the barbarians cheered, as Major was excecuted.

Lord Grayor and the barbarians left a few ays later. Grayor led them to the snake's lair. He examined the egg on the way, and determined it was the snake's egg. And there stay the barbarians, free of war once more. But how long would this last?