Peace Wizard

Once there lived two wizards

One of dark, and one of light

They constantly argued

And one day decided to fight

The chaos created

By the wizards that night

There was no way to describe

How much I was in fright

I ran through the battlefield

And yelled for them to stop

They did not heed my warning

So I had to act

I cast off my tattered robes

And I was wearing new ones

For I was also a wizard

And stronger then these ones

And yet the two teamed up

To try to drive me out

Yet however hard they tried

They could not

So one day being tired

I decided to end this war

I summoned up a spell

And turned the Wizards into boars

I cannot be beat by another wizard

I cannot be struck down

I cannot be killed by mere mortal man

Nor orc dwarf, or beast.

For I am the Peace Wizard