In the Medieval Times

There was a king

His name was Giorel

And he wore a golden ring.

The king's ring

Was very valuable

And many people tried to take it

From the reigning king

One day however

A knight walked to him

He said this

"You don't give me the ring and I'll cut you limb to limb"

"Fine you may have it, but hear this"

"You wont be able to use it"

With those word he flung the ring at the knight

The knight took his sword and struck the king with his sword

But the king blocked the sword with his mighty staff

He the used the power to kill the knight

"Wow he gave me a fright,"

But nobody messes with the king

He put on the ring and he was now mighty

More mighty then he seems

Now all you knights who want his ring

I'd highly suggest not

For he is the master of the ring.