The 'I Feel Like Crap' Poem

Oh dear. I feel crap.
I think I could eat cell sap.
Then I'd feel really sick
And much honeysuckle would I pick.
To then be startled and die
To Azkaban in a coffin I would fly
And then I'd go to a little prison
And my face would turn a shade of crimson.
Then it would feel wirklich hot
I would form many a spot.
So I could squeeze it happily
And dance crappily.
Oh life sucks.
All I can do is eat ducks.

My life is made from honey
Yet it is not as sunny
As Barbados.
Que DOS?
Is a computer program
Just like SDRAM.
I hate my life
Oh 'struth and strife.
Everyday I cry
And my brain does fry
A little bit like an egg.
A keg.
I don't like school.
Shut up you fool.

NB: It is Flotom (she is on FP too) who dislikes school, the fool.