They say you don't exist
Risen bird, they turn their faces
from the truth
When the fire rises,
is that you?

When the wind swirls, drifting
aromas from the past
The trail of your wings

When the sun dances,
bright spires
over crystal dew
Your eyes, the line of your
within and without

When summer leaves shine
gold, in twilight
Gilded in fire
This is your mark, your
molted feathers

The stars, radiant
drops of light
Are they not your song,
Each note, each breath
of your fire
into the night?

Each wave breaks
upon the sea
Crested with shining
mirrors of the sun
Each flash,
The trails of fire
on the surface
The splashes of your tears

When the mist rises,
grey and haunting,
From the fields
Drifts and spirals with
the trail of
the wind
Your ashes, floating
from your nest

When the dawn breaks,
Rays of gold and
scarlet fire
Reach up to burn
away the clouds
and night
As you spread,
Your sunlit wings

Is this not you, phoenix,
As you sing your glory
to the sun?