Winning Love

"The Retelle Contest"

"Taylor! I have the greatest idea ever! How about we go to the mall today!" Taylor held the phone away from her ear, as she sat up in bed. Allison, her best friend, always called her at nine o'clock in the morning about the mall, and she was getting sick of it. It had only been one week since school ended, and Allison was already getting on her nerves. She pulled the phone back to her ear.

"Yeah Allison sure, I'll call you around two okay? I need some sleep, I went to bed late yesterday because I was on the phone with my cousin from Italy." Taylor sighed as Allison rambled on again.

"Tay, what is going on with you? You always talk to your cousin in Italy like every night! It's like, she's replacing me! I'm so hurt! How could you do this to me Tay? How?" Allison sounded so fake on the phone, but she always sounded fake on the phone. She was a great friend, but sometimes she was just too dramatic about everything.

"Al, don't worry. My cousin won't replace you, I talk to you and see you almost every day, so that would never happen. Besides, you're my best friend. I'll talk to you later okay? Love you."

"Okay Taylor, talk to you later! Don't forget to call me back, love you too, mwah!" Taylor heard the click, and she pushed the off button, as she slid back into her warm bed. She placed the phone on her night table, and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She honestly didn't want to go shopping today, but she had to, or Allison would have a fit. Why did she bother with Allison anyway? I mean, she loved her, but sometimes, she felt like Allison was just using her because she had no other friends. Which was kind of a surprise, because she was a blonde, her eyes were gorgeous, and she had a pretty body. I'm just a brunette with hazel eyes, she thought. She sighed again, today was going to be a long day. Taylor turned on her side and fell into a deep sleep.


Taylor jerked her eyes open, at the sound of her alarm clock ringing in her ears. It now read eleven-thirty. She quickly pressed the off button. My God, she thought, it felt like I just fell back to sleep. She outstretched her arms, yawning as she fell back down onto her soft pillows. Her arms were spread and she smiled at the room she had on her bed. She had a full bed, and she couldn't sleep without it. Just as she was sitting up, her younger sister Ashley walked into her doorway.

"Taylor! Johnny is here to see you!" She smiled at her sister, and let Johnny in the room as she walked out, closing the door behind her. Taylor looked at Johnny, her eyes wide. She was still in her pajamas, and her hair was a mess, and she didn't even brush her teeth! Her sister would be dead by tomorrow.

"Hey um, I'm sorry that I just stopped by without calling, but I wanted to talk to you."

Taylor shook her head. "It's fine! Umm…you wanted to talk to me? About what?" Taylor hoped it wasn't about them, because she didn't like him that way. He was her best friend, but that was it.

"About Allison. I love her so much...but she just doesn't seem to notice me's like I'm a damn ghost to her. Can you talk to her for me? I mean, you are my best friend too, right?"

Taylor was rendered speechless. He liked Allison? How could he like her other best friend, she asked herself, stunned. What would happen to their friendship if Allison liked him back. It would never be the same.

"Um...John, and let's say I do talk to her for you, what would I say? And what if she likes you back? Aren't you worried about our friendship? What if it got ruined?" Taylor lowered her head to look at he floor; she didn't want to even see Johnny's face for a second.

"Tay, I wanted you to help me get a girlfriend, and your worried about us? I don't think Allison would get between us! How could she? You'd still be my...friend. Yeah, I guess you're right, because boyfriends and girlfriends are supposed to best friends, and it would be even worse because you are best friends with her, and I'm best friends with you. Damnit...nothing ever goes right. Thanks anyway Taylor."

"Johnny wait! I just want you to find someone better, even if she came between us, because you need someone. Allison, to tell you the truth, isn't your type. I know you can find better, trust me Johnny. I'm sorry I couldn't help..." She stood up and gave him a hug.

"It's alright, you're always looking out for me. I hope you know I appreciate that." He smiled at her, and kissed her on the cheek. "Well, I need to head home, my brother wanted me to play some video games with him. Talk to you later." And Johnny left the room with a small smile on his face.

Alright, now time to take as shower and call Allison, Taylor told herself. She was actually in the mood to go to the mall with Allison; she needed some new clothes from Retelle anyway. That was the most famous clothes brand throughout the whole world. It originated all the way from California, and they made everything Taylor liked; even simple flip-flops. There was always pictures on the wall of Scott Retelle, but the one she liked the best was the one of Lucas Retelle, Scott Retelle's son. He was the most gorgeous thing on earth, and Taylor wanted nothing more then to meet him in person.

Taylor laughed at her foolish dreams. Like I'd ever get the chance to meet him, that's like one in a million. She sighed as she opened her dresser to get a fancy pink tank top, and jean capris. After grabbing the towels from the linen closet, she went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. Taylor scrubbed her hair for at least an hour, and she finally got out of the shower at one-thirty. She wrapped her light blue towel around her body, as she heard her stomach growl. Wow I must be really hungry, she thought to herself, and she quickly slipped on her tank top and jean capris. As soon as she walked out of the bathroom with a separate towel in her hair, her cell-phone started to ring. Taylor ran into her room and picked the phone up, pressing the send key to answer it.


"Hey Tay! It's almost three! Are you ready yet?"

"Hey Allison. And it's only 1:45. I just got out of the shower so I still need to eat something and dry my hair."

"Oh my God, you are so slow! But anyway, I heard there's this contest at Retelle! We are going to enter it!"

"Really? What's it about?" Taylor asked excitedly.

"Two girls can stay with Lucas Retelle for the whole summer, in his own villa in California!"

"OH MY GOD! Are you serious?! We have to win!"

"Yeah I know! But we have to be like the 500th customer to buy something."

"Wow, we're definitely not going to be able to win then...oh my God, I want to go so bad now..."

"Yeah but we're going to go soon! So get ready, and I'll be over at three to pick you up. My mom can drive today! Love you, mwaz!" Taylor heard the click and she hung up too.

Oh my God, she thought over and over again. If me and Al win, I will die! I always wanted to meet him! Her heart was pounding, as she grabbed her hair dryer out of her white wicker vanity. She sat on the pink cushion and turned the dryer on,

Her mind must have zoned out for an hour, because when she focused in the mirror, her hair was dry. Taylor sighed and stood up, shoving the dryer back into her draw. It would never happen, so why was she wasting so much time thinking about it? Even if she did win, who said Lucas Retelle would be like she imagined? Maybe he would be really cold, and mean to her. Maybe he wouldn't even talk to her. Taylor clenched her fists as she slipped on her pink flip-flops. She didn't care, she was determined to win anyway. She quickly ran down the stairs; she only had fifteen minutes to eat something.

"Good afternoon Taylor," her mom said, smiling at her. She was washing some dishes in the sink. Taylor smiled back at her mom, and opened the freezer, grabbing some waffles out of a box, and shoving them in the toaster.

"Hey mom. I'm going to the mall in like ten minutes, and we're going to enter this contest to spend the whole summer with Lucas Retelle! Mom, you have to let me go if I win! You know I always wanted to meet him!"

Taylor's mom laughed as she wiped one of the dishes she was washing with a towel. "Okay hun, and of course I will let you go. I hope you win, but don't get too disappointed if you don't okay?"

"Yeah sure mom, but I need to win...I love him!"

"Taylor, you've never even met the boy!" Taylor's mom looked at her daughter disapprovingly. "You can fall in love with him if you spend the summer with him, but you don't even know what he's like."

"I know mom, but I just¼oh never mind." Taylor grabbed her waffles out of the toaster and quickly poured syrup on them. She took the fork from her mother and started eating. She had less than five minutes to finish what she had to do. After chugging her glass of milk, she headed into the bathroom to brush her teeth and put some make-up on.


"Whum mmm?!" Taylor shoved a cup under the faucet and began to rinse her mouth out.

"Allison is here! She said be out in five minutes!"

After finishing her make-up and things, Taylor headed to the front door, grabbing her pink Retelle bag on the way out. "Bye mom, I'll call you later!" She shut the door quietly behind her and ran to Allison's white equinox. She hopped in the backseat just as Allison turned to look at her from the front seat.

"HEY! We are going to Retelle first because we need to win! What are you gunna buy?"

"Um...I guess a bathing suit!" Taylor replied, smiling. "How about you?"

"Ummm...maybe I'll buy a bathing suit too. My pink one is kind of sun faded." Allison turned back around, and made Z100 louder. She began to sing, and soon Taylor was in her own world too.

All Taylor could think about was Lucas, and how it would be if she could really meet him. But she was beginning to doubt it more and more the closer they go to the mall. There was every reason to doubt it would happen, it was a one in a million chance! How could that ever happen to herself? I never win anything anyway, she thought, but Allison is probably going to win. She wanted to cry and scream at the same time. But what good would that do, Taylor thought hopelessly, sighing again.

"We're here!" Allison exclaimed excitedly, as her mom pulled up in front of Retelle. "Hurry Tay, let's go!" she squeaked, as she shut her door.

Taylor opened her own door, and jumped out, closing it quickly. "Let's go in! Come on!" She said anxiously, both of them running toward the doors. Two extremely hot-looking guys greeted them, and let them in almost instantly. Allison and Taylor glanced around, looking for something nice to buy.

"I need a bathing suit! Let's go over there!" Allison practically ran to the bathing suits rack, aggressively looking through the bathing suits. A brown bikini with pink flowers embellished into it caught her eye, and she took it off the rack. "Do you like this one Tay?" Allison looked at her best friend excitedly.

"Yeah, it's really pretty. It will look really good on you!" Taylor glanced at the bathing suits herself, and picked out a blue one, adorned with gorgeous daffodils; The famous "Re" sign on the top left. "Is this one pretty?"

"Yes Taylor! It's beautiful! Let's go pay now!" Allison squealed, and grabbed her best friends hand, heading off to stand on the line to pay. There was at least fifteen people in front of them. Taylor shifted her weight to her left foot, she was beginning to get annoyed that only two people could pay at once. And the really annoying thing was the workers didn't even tell you what number they were up to before the 500th one. She began fidgeting with her cell-phone, and before she knew it, they were next in line.

Taylor's heart began to race as she saw the two girls in front of her take the money out of their wallets. They looked just as anxious as herself as the cashiers handed them their bags. The two girls walked away as both the cashiers said in unison "next!"

The best friends glanced at each other nervously, and headed towards the registers. Taylor stood stiffly as she handed her bathing suit to the cashier.

"twenty-two dollars," the boy said to Taylor as he rung up the price. Taylor unzipped her bag quickly, and handed the twenty-two dollars over. Taylor stole a glance at Allison, and saw she had just paid too. I didn't win, she thought to herself miserably. I hate this whole one in a million chance, who would win anyway? Probably some little spoiled brat who doesn't even know who Lucas is, she thought bitterly. Taylor gave the cashier a fake smile as he gave the bag to her.

"Thank you, have a nice day."

"You too," Taylor mumbled as she was about to turn.

"Wait!" The boy said as he looked at Taylor, a smile clearly shown on his hansom face.

"Um…yes?" Taylor asked, looking at the boy awkwardly.

"Do you know about that contest, to spend the whole summer with Lucas Retelle?" Taylor's eyes widened.

"Yes?" Her breath caught in her throat.

"Well, YOU JUST WON!" The cashier shouted, as palm tree confetti fell from the ceiling. Taylor and Allison gaped at each other as everyone in the store started clapping. Of course, you could tell by their faces they really weren't pleased.

"OH MY GOD!" Taylor screamed, and ran to Allison, hugging her tightly.


"Girls," The cashier said, grinning.

"Yes?" Taylor and Allison said in unison as they turned around to face the boy.

"A limo is waiting outside to drop you off at your houses to pack your bags. Here, take your bags, and go outside. Your real summer starts today." The hansom boy winked, as Taylor and Allison grabbed their bags and practically ran outside.

"A limo!" Taylor squeaked, as the two girls pushed open the doors of Retelle. As they took one step out of the store, fifty news reporters rushed up to them, shoving their microphones in the girls' faces.

"How does it feel that you won?" One shouted.

"What are your names?!"

"How old are you?" another one screamed.

"Where do you live?"

Taylor and Allison were backed against the door with no escape. Taylor took a deep breath and smiled at everyone.

"My name is Taylor Rose, and this is my best friend Allison Conner."

One reporter snapped a picture of the girls, and this started a whole uproar of clicking and flashes of light.

Allison pulled Taylor closer, leaning into her. "What are we gunna do?" She whispered. She was beginning to get annoyed.

"Um...I'm not sure." Taylor looked around to see if there was anyone who would help, but she saw no one.; until five young men dressed in black appeared, pushing and shoving news reporters out of their way. Taylor swallowed hard, and hoped they were going to save her.

"Excuse us Miss Rose, Miss Conner; but your limo is waiting." One of the young men said, as he approached the two frightened girls.

"Um, thank you." Taylor whispered, grabbing Allison's hand and quickly dragging her to the limo. The body guards surrounded them as they walked, to shield them from the nuisance of reporters. As Taylor approached the limo, the body guard in front of her opened the door. He waited until both of them climbed in the limo, and he shut the door quietly.

"Oh my God Tay…we are in Lucas Retelle's limo!!!!" Allison hugged Taylor, as the car began to drive away.

"Yeah….wow….OH MY GOD! I can't believe we won!!!" Taylor leaned back into the leather seat, and looked at her surroundings. The seats were covered in black leather, and across from her there was something that looked like a bar. The lights were dimmed, and there was so much room to spread your legs out. Wow, Taylor thought to herself. I've never even been to California! That means we're taking a plane!

"Oh my God Tay I can't wait to meet him!!! We're gunna spend the whole summer with him! This is going to be a summer to remember for as long as I live!!" Allison grinned at her.

Something in that sentence made Taylor feel bitter. Maybe it was the fact that both of them we're going to spend the summer with the guy of her dreams. She was beginning to think this summer was going to have a lot of fights between Lucas, but about what? It's not like he would fall in love with them anyway.

Taylor and Allison continued to sit in silence, until they felt the limo stop. The door suddenly opened, and one of the body guards looked in.

"Miss Allison Conner? Please go pack your things. We will be here to take you to the airport in two hours. Goodbye for now."

"Okay, thank you! Allison smiled at Taylor, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you in two hours then!" Taylor smiled back weakly as the blonde stepped out of the limo. The young man shut the door, and the limo began to move within seconds. Taylor sighed to herself, and slid over to the window seat. She glanced out the window, and watched the cars fly past her. She still couldn't believe she won the Retelle contest. She hoped to God it wasn't a dream, but she was pretty sure it wasn't.

After eyeing her surroundings for about five minutes, she laid down and closed her eyes for only a second; or so it seemed. Somewhere in her dream there was the sound of a door opening, and someone calling her name.

"Miss Taylor Rose? Miss Taylor Rose? Wake up Miss Taylor Rose."

"Hmmm...?" Taylor opened her eyes slightly, and it only took her a few seconds to remember where she was, and who was calling her name. "Oh! I'm so sorry!"

"It's perfectly alright, don't even give it a second thought Miss Taylor Rose. We have arrived at your house, we will also be here in two hours to pick you up. Goodbye until then."

"Thank you, I'm sorry." Taylor whispered, as she climbed out of the limo and walked stiffly towards her front door. She heard the limo pull away as she walked up the steps. She couldn't believe how she made a complete idiot of herself, already. Why did I fall asleep anyway, she asked herself, I wasn't even tired. It must be all the excitement. She shrugged it off as she opened the door.

"Taylor! You won! The Retelle Contest! You won!" Her mom greeted her with a warm hug.

"Mom? How did you know? Wait--we were on the news?! ME?!" Her disappointment in herself slowly disappeared as excitement pulsated in her.

"Yes, and I taped it! I can't believe it! Wait, why are you here?"

"Oh God! That's right! I only have two hours to pack mom! I have to go upstairs!"

"Alright hunny! I'll get your toothbrush and things down here ready!"

"Thank you mom," Taylor said gratefully, as she dashed up the stairs. She ran into her room and opened her closet door, looking for her large pink Retelle luggage bag. She laughed quietly to herself, knowing that since she had so much Retelle stuff she was definitely obsessed. But that's a good thing, she thought, because that means I'm a true fan of them. Taylor smiled at the thought of Lucas; such a gorgeous model. But enough about daydreaming, she told herself firmly. She started packing just about everything she owned in her wardrobe, and soon enough, there was no room for anything else. I'll just get a separate bag for my things downstairs, she thought. I have plenty more Retelle bags. She grabbed a smaller bag from her closet which was covered in the "Re" symbol; Taylor's favorite.


"Yeah mom?!"

"Come down here, you only have a half hour left!"

"Oh my God! Okay!" The brunette grabbed her bags and dragged them down the stairs, dropping at the front door. She grabbed the empty Retelle bag and headed towards the couch where her mom placed everything for her to pack.

"Mom! Can you help me? I can't do this all by myself in a half hour!"

"Sure Taylor. Just calm down, you won't be late."

"It's not that mom," Taylor exclaimed, placing five razors in her bag, "It's just I've never been on a plane alone before and I'm going to California alone!"

"You won't be alone, Allison is going to be there too."

"Yeah mom, but I mean, nothing ever bothers her and she'll probably just call me a baby." Taylor clipped her pink ipod on her capris and put her earphones in. "I guess I'll just listen to music the whole time. Good thing I just added music yesterday." She smiled at her mom as she closed the bag; it was finally done.

"Just don't forget to call me and tell me your alright. I won't see you for two months you know. Unless you're on television." She kissed her daughter and gave her a tight hug. "I love you."

"I love you too mom," Taylor took a deep breath and hugged her mom back. "Don't worry, I'll call you. And tell dad I'm sorry I didn't get to see him, but I love him too."

"Ashley! Say goodbye to Taylor! And I will tell dad that you love him. But I'm sure he already knows," she said smiling. Taylor could tell her mom was holding back tears, but she was too. Her little sister appeared in the room and looked at Taylor.

"Where are you going?" Her eyes wide with curiosity.

Taylor picked her sister up gently and gave her a tight hug. "I'm not going to be here for the whole summer, I'm going to California to see Lucas Retelle with Allison. I'm going to miss you. I love you Ash."

"I'm going to miss you too Tay...and I love you too," she whispered, kissing her sister on the cheek. Taylor smiled and gave her sister a slight squeeze, before putting her down again.

"Okay Taylor, your limo is here. Have fun, and don't forget to call us. Bye hunny."

"Bye mom," Taylor said, giving her mom a quick kiss on the cheek, before grabbing her bags and heading outside. The bodyguards greeted her and took her bags, letting her walk freely to the limo. She turned one last time to wave to her mom and sister, before ducking into the opened door. As the door closed, she noticed Allison was sitting next to her.

"Hey Tay! We're going to the airport, aren't you excited?! Oh my God, I am so happy right now! I wish we could live there forever, my mom really didn't care that I left..." Oh yeah that's right, Taylor thought, her mom really never cared about her.

"It's alright Al, your dad cares about you and I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear how your summer was when you see him in September." Taylor said, giving her friend a hug.

"Yeah, you're right." Allison said, as she turned her head to look out the window. Taylor smiled silently as she turned her ipod on, listening to the soft sounds that drifted her off to sleep.

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