How often do you see a scene

That gives your heart a lurch?

In few words: it seems obscene

When looking for evil, go first to church.

How often see you a friend lie slain

Cut deep down by the knife of his peers?

Cause if I didn't think it profane,

They could rot in hell for a couple of years.

Just three people was all it took

To shun the word of God and more

To axe a priest, and ignore a book

And leave us bleeding at the door.

Why did they leave, and then come back?

And run down a man who was good and pure?

Whatholy kindnessdid he lack?

I cannot say, I am not sure.

And now they ask "Please ratify"

As if our hatred equaled theirs

Because we couldn't testify

They destroyed a man, and all his cares.

Injustice is a terrible thing. Don't let it happen. Ever.