The Past
by battousai24

For the past months
All I've thought of was you
I'd cry for you, regret losing you
... I would've even died for you

But this time, I don't think so
I won't let you walk all over me again
I can't let you get to me
I'll be moving on

Chorus 1:
'Coz tonight I'll leave the past behind
I'll bury it in the cold wet ground
Lock it away in the back of my mind
I'll make myself get over you... I'm ready to live again

For the past year
All I've ever noticed was you
And your smile, laughter, your joy
... I could've even died for you

But this year, don't think so
I won't look when you pass me by
I could care less if you'd cry
I'll be walking on

Chorus 2:
'Coz tonight I'll leave you behind
I'll erase the memories of loving you
And lock it away, throw it out into the sea
I'll soon get over you... I'm no longer wondering

You don't have to say anything anymore
I don't need those misleading signs
We can't be friends again, no more conversations
It's too much, I can't take it anymore

Don't say a word, don't make me feel anymore
School's gonna be a better place once it goes away
You've hurt me enough, I can't keep wishing for you
I'll get over you... but deep inside I'll forever love you

Chorus 1