"A Life Worth Living?" By Cassandra Freiborg 5/6/05

Minutes tick by slowly here,

I wonder how I lost it,

probably laying in bed awake,

listneing to the faucet.

And having my friend speak,

realising her words have no meaning,

seems like everything I do,

adds to the sinking feeling.

My weeks so full of nothing,

an abyss I can't escape,

just give me a life worth living,

or take me from this place.

because everyone is angry,

or everyone is sad,

its much to tiring to distinguish,

between what is good and what is bad.

And I stare off into crowds

loose myself in their expressions,

wondering if they're hollow inside,

or if they have hidden intentions.

I don't remember if I had a past,

and the only thing that's certain,

is that I exist right now,

and the future is my burden.

So my sanity is questionable,

and my's life's purpose is quite hidden,

and if there is a god out there,

I'd like to ask him who he's kidding.

So clock, you just keep ticking,

and sink you jsut keep leaking,

and maybe someday I'll find,

the answers I've been seeking.

Dedicated to...um...Tyler F. because he honestly makes me want to believe in something.