They say sastina's are the hardest form of poetry, so I decided to write one. Here it goes.

The Situation

Have you ever been in a situation

You try to find a location

To free your imagination

From life's intoxication

You come across a creation

That flatters your imagination


You look at your imagination

Surrounded by your situation

What a beautiful creation

In a hidden location

A new intoxication

In you imagination


Is this real or just imagination?

Is it true or just infatuation?

Are you high or in intoxication?

Is this fate or just a situation?

Is this home or a lost location?

Is it ancient or a new creation?


It's a new creation

Not just imagination

A lost location

It's not infatuation

It's not a situation

It's not intoxication.


What is your intoxication?

What is the creation?

Why it's not a situation?

Why it's not imagination?

Why it's not infatuation?

How is this lost location?


It's a long forgotten location

It's life's intoxication

It's real, not infatuation

Love is the creation

Feelings are not imagination

Happiness is never a situation


Loving infatuation, his and her creation

Love is there creation, miraculous intoxication

The future holds imagination and a new situation

I know there are lots of people on here who love leaving negative feedback, but before you go off on me for some lines being too long or too short, there are no rules in poetry. In sestina's, there is no rule about the meter or beat.