Long-away lover
when did I become your Ophelia
I was once a whole being
a whole person- a strong woman
I believed in who I was
in who I would be
in what I was becoming
I was happy as I was
and content with who I am
or was
as now I'm but a shadow of the greatness I see in you
and I wait only for your love
to justify myself by you
when did I loose all that I was
did you steal it in our kisses
or was it in your promises
so easily whispered
but hardly ever kept
When did you break me
and crumble my soul into a million pieces?
My hamlet in far off lands,
grant me freedom
grant me love
grant me a life
free from you and everything you have created in me
I am more than your lover
I am more than your love
I am me
and only me
I am-
I am-
I swear I am
but we both know that with a single beck and call
I'd return
I am not I
but only a part of you
and it hurts