Wandering No More
BY John Yelling

As time slows, I wander through the abyss of confusion,

the chaos of my own mind

I am trying to sort out what is absolute and

what is contrived from my own imagination.

Not as easy as it would seem.

The line between my conjured paradise

and the authenticity of my reality

has long escaped me.

Now I wander,

looking for some kind of assurance,

a guarantee that what I am seeing,

what I am living,

is real.

Or is it that I have been away for far too long,

Reality no longer recognizes me,

she longer welcomes me into her arms.

I am turned away.

Insanity is there waiting, hoping I will look his way

and I do because I know I am accepted there.

I know under Insanity's spell, there is no need to go about aimlessly

no room for self doubt.

In Insanity's embrace you are insulated

from life's instabilities.

From the anguish of failure,

the wretchedness of being lonely.

Still time slows, I am no longer wandering

no longer questioning

I am safe with Insanity' protection

and now I lay