Nationalism Poem

We began with the Declaration in '76
To free us from England's rule
But when we tried to break away
We thought we would lose for sure.

We became rebel colonies
When they taxed us beyond our limit
And so we embarked on a wild trip and
We called it the American Revolution.

We fought
And fought
And fought some more
To keep our country free.

We started as rebel colonies
And ended as a single nation
But now we needed to govern ourselves, and so
We started with elation.

We wrote the Articles of Confederation
To rule us true and fair
But when we tried to establish rights
We found it was an unattainable ideal.

We tried the Constitution next
To give states more restriction
We found it good and true, and so
We added to its diction.

We added the ten amendments it's true
And gave ourselves individual rights
We set the precedent so if we needed more
We could add them to our living Constitution.

We won our war
We got our government
But what to do now that
We want more land?

We'll invade Canada of course!
In the year 1812
Back to the good old days
We'll go and fight to get us more space!

But now our nation needs a final touch
Something to make us proud
And the man we need is Francis Scott Key!
So we can sing his poem loud!

"O beautiful for spacious skies"
Will inspire us for many a year
From Afghanistan to Germany
And year after year after year.

yay! ahem, someone pionted out to me that when we made a move on canada it was to couter England, but the whole point of this was really to be amusing to my class, and that was one of the jokes, (yeah, i know i'm weird to put that up on the internet, but neh) so if you like it, REVIEW! if ya dont, ..... well then youre mean, so NAH! sticks out tounge