(Innocent Not-Listening Skills)

Stupid questions, tapping pencils,
Basking in the symphonies of History class.
Fall of France, Spanish Civil War,
I don't understand this stuff.

My attention span is breaking,
Gum is snapping,
Close your mouth, you sound like a cow.

The drawing of Dunkirk looks like shit.
How does this relate?
Stick to your day job, Mr. Bakru,
This isn't your thing.

Sure, I'm taking notes.
Megan is doodling, John is jerking,
We're all going insane.
Yup, I'm taking this all in.

Worksheet is full of stick figures and hearts,
Poland is being invaded by squares.
Damn I can draw a good circle.

Test tomorrow?
Bakru, you're crazy.
Four more hours until English.