I love his personality
How he always claims "he's huge"
You never ever see him sweat
He's a brick wall with so much character
So strong
But when he lets his wall down
It's amazing
And everything you get to see
Is worth the wait

I love his smile
Because I know I made him laugh
And I know that he's glad I'm there
And all isn't hopeless
He has a beautiful smile that just, glows
It always makes me want to kiss him
And share some of his happiness

I love his eyes
They're a pretty shade of ocean blue
But they change to a lightish green
When he wears a certain color
They are bold and piercing
I like the feel of him looking me over
Because I know he's watching
When I look back at him
And I can read his mind
Through those eyes

I love his wrists
They're scarred and mutilated
But they've healed, he's grown
He's overcome such a weakness
And it inspires me
He can be sensitive, this we share
We can fight together
Even if he doesn't realize how much he's helping

I love his hair
He's blonde, and he hates it
He always says that blonde guys are gay
But I think it's cute
The way he's so self conscience
He wears it long, almost covering his eyes
As if he knows he can hide himself
Just in case his wall starts to crumble