"Dear friends, my name is Distance. I'd like to welcome you all to a fork in the road you've walked on for so long. I trust you're all here on each other's behalves. I've watched you. When one was lost, the other guided, when both were weak, you crawled on together. You've all encountered the many obstacles I've set up for you along the way, as well as experiences you'll remember and smile at throughout your lifetimes.
You, Jamie and Alexandra, I found the puppet show quite amusing, very entertaining. Allison, what a way to keep Marty on her feet when she had trouble walking away from John.

The conversations, late night walks, dances, drawings, missions, all of your experiences have been exciting to watch and be apart of. I'll give you a moment to applaud yourselves on making it here in one piece.

Great, now I need everyone in a single file line in front of me and the two paths. Melissa, Kat, you're up first. Close your eyes and remember everything you've gone through together. Everything. Even the fights, the moments that made you stronger, and the good times. Ah yes, I remember watching that one. How clever you were, Melissa, when you made that snowman of Kat's old boyfriend. She remembers how you pushed him down the hill and out of her life. She knew you loved her. Yes, she still remembers and appreciates that afternoon.

Wonderful girls! Now that you've got everything in the front of your minds, everything you've tackled, how much you mean to each other, all the smiles, tears, and peanut butter jars you've shared, I want you to make this decision. Open your eyes. There are two paths. Choose one."

The man nodded his head, looked down solemnly at his polished brown shoes, and stepped aside so that Melissa could pass by his left, while he felt the breeze from Kat passing his right. He looked up at the others after the girls had completely disappeared. They all understood. They shook hands without a word, and one by one they separated along the worn, dusty roads.