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The Elements Series

Book 1- Hours of Darkness

Chapter 15- Hours of Darkness Part 2

Evline felt the strain of having two people piled on top of her give way as Crüsh and Thor regained their equanimity after being knocked back atop Evline due to the 10th Element's volley of looming assaults. Without so much as a word (or gesticulation to assist Evline up from the sandy earth) both males powered up ready to convey more retaliation to their demonic oppressor.

As Evline gathered her waning energy once more to lift herself to her feet, she witnessed all Elementals (save Fire) battling to their demise against the being that was perpetual to the aging effect of history and time, and the creature that had lived since life first existed in the galaxy.

"How did events of one discovery lead to this result?" thought Evline, ceasing the moment to see their situation of eight teenagers under the curse of the Elements fighting a prophecy's doom of the Earth. They battled a fight already lost in the necropolis of what these teenagers knew as home, that was now nothing more then an ocean of volcanic emission.

"All of this, due to only a single page in a book? Could the unearthing of that page really have fated this destiny for us? Could it have even been avoided?" These questions piled up inside Evline's head, and as if time stopped, the questions seemed to have helped drain out the noise of the battle around her. "If it weren't for Blaze, this situation wouldn't be set upon us now. But… wouldn't the same thing of happened if we wouldn't have met him? He came to help us prepare ourselves against Danger Side. If it weren't for him, he possibly wouldn't have been as ready as we were."

Evline opened her eyes to a disclosure: the world she was just in was gone, and replaced with a world of nothing but white light. "Where am I now?" her thoughts echoed across the vacant abyss. Evline looked around, noticing nothing at all. She looked down to see if she stood on any sort of floor whatsoever, and found she floated above the whiteness as well.

Gathering valor, Evline took a step in the dark, finding walking was ordinary, and she didn't fall into the chasm around her. She began taking more steps, until she walked at a normal pace, looking around the world. "I still don't understand where I am…" she said across the void.

"Your ambition to find the truth child, they are your psychic senses working…" came a familiar elderly woman's voice. Evline spun around quickly, her golden bangs lashing against her face with the sudden move. Standing feet in front of her was a translucent figure. Ophelia.

"Ophelia!" Evline yelled in her thoughts deafeningly, echoing across the void. Evline went to give the elderly woman a hug, until she disappeared right through her and landed on the invisible floor she stood on. Evline turned back to transparent elderly woman. "Ophelia… what is going on?" The elderly woman looked at Evline with her eyes full of wisdom.

"Evline, child, your psychic powers are created this for you." The spirit of the elderly woman spoke. Evline looked at her thoughtfully.

"But, I thought my powers only activated when there was something I couldn't explain, something that has happened that allows me to see a sort of… prophecy of the future." Evline said, getting up to her feet once more. "Is the future—"

"Can you explain the reasoning behind your existence now?" Ophelia stated hastily with a tenor Evline had never heard before. An almost… critical tenor.

"What do you mean Ophelia?" Evline asked with oddity.

"How are you alive after Death breathed in your face? After the immortal Element claimed the Earth as a globe to be destroyed, yet you still live. The Earth is supposed to be obliterated, turned into another life-less planet that was the result of the Death of an Element. Yet, it still exists, still has life. You, Evline, are alive. Can you explain this?" Ophelia spoke with vast words of astuteness.

"No, I can't… I've often wondered during my time in this dead Earth how I'm still alive, how we're still here, fighting." Evline replied devoid of complexity in a preference of words.

"Have you ever thought of something that couldn't be explained, and latter sought out an answer that came to you in a foretelling? I'm sure the answer is clear to you now Evline." Ophelia looked at Evline, who was in unfathomable thought, her eyes keeping lucid of the piercing Ophelia's.

"Yes, it is. I've been wondering how the unearthing of that page could have lead to such… adverse conditions for the living as this. And…my divination always enlightens me to what might come in the future. But… if this is what is to come, this world of nothingness, is it safe to predict that… Earth is lost and this chasm we stand in now… is our end?" Evline spoke with luminous words, thoughtfully speaking.

"Tell me again, child. When you had your foretelling, has the surrounding scene ever become more recognizable to you in reality?" Ophelia asked.

"Do you mean, have I witnessed the same scene in real life that I did in my foretelling? Well… the only distinct time I remembered a real foretelling is when I first learned of my powers, and the surrounding scene was… a destroyed Towerin… but I recognized it as Towerin, and the sky was a blood red." Evline answered as paramount she could.

"Then… have you ever witnessed Towerin destroyed, and the sky painted over with blood?" Ophelia instantly asked, targeting this particular theme.

Evline thought about it for a second. "No… I never have…"

"Evline, child, the answer to your powers lies directly in front of you. Your psychic powers never show the future at all, as much as it may seem. You must focus on what the figure in your foretelling is saying to you. What that figure tried to tell you, what it lets off as signs, THAT is what truly is your foretelling." Ophelia spoke softly.

"And… in my other foretelling, the 10th Element was… it was displaying the spirits of the Elements. How is that my divination?" Evline asked, getting more bemused then ever.

"Do you remember the story I told you Evline? The 10th Element stands above any other creature in power, and is unbeatable, except to its own creations. The nine spirits of the Elements can help seal away the 10th Element. In your foretelling, when the 10th Element displayed the figures of the spirits, it was telling you exactly this. That, child, is what the future is to hold for you, but you need to make it happen." Ophelia said, disappearing as she muttered her last words, leaving Evline alone in the abyss.

"But, how am I supposed to do that?! I can't control my spirit, even you said that yourself! No one knows how to summon the spirits of the Elements!" Evline yelled in frustration into the void. Evline couldn't help but let a tear roll down her cheek.

"But…" came a more of a masculine voice from behind her, forcing Evline to turn again, "your divination told you exactly how to do it." Standing straight in front of her was a long-lost companion: Blaze. He also stood transparent in the white void, like Ophelia, but Evline could see his charming smile through it all anyways.

"But… what do you mean?" Evline asked, defeating off her irritation.

"Evline… we have the same skills of the psychics. I can see divinations like you can. How do you think I learned of the Danger Side invasion? I've known my power for as long I could remember, and, I know that in your significant divination, it explained precisely how to defeat the 10th Element." Blaze said soothingly. Evline held her head in pain.

"I really don't know…" she said calmly. She heard Blaze give off a small appealing chuckle.

"Let me see your hand." He said, much to the disclosure of Evline, who abruptly looked at him in mystification.

"But… you're dead Blaze, how in the world could I...?" she began, but didn't finish as Blaze put his hand up to silence her.

"Perhaps… I'm not as lifeless as you might think Evline." And with that, he grabbed Evline's right hand gently, and raised it up towards him. Then, with his free hand, he cupped his over her hand, and Evline felt a chain fall into her hand. Not only a chain… but also a pendant. Blaze then let go, and Evline saw in her hand, the one pendant she'd forgotten about, the Element of Fire's pendant, with the pendant of the Panther.

"But… I threw this at the 10th Element… wasn't it destroyed with the rest of the world?" Evline asked, taken aback.

"Not so much as you might think. These things not break like normal pendants. They are, after all, created by the 10th Element itself." Blaze said, giving her an eye glance that destined he was dropping her a foremost insinuation.

Evline then witnessed as Blaze disappeared as well, and the white abyss that she existed in her divination alone, was also slowly disappearing.


"Evline, you okay?" came a voice through the darkness, until Evline slowly opened her eyes and saw Cedric looking down at her. Evline slowly came to, and hoisted herself up to her feet again, looking at the familiar landscape of grey sandstone mountains and bubbling lava.

"Cedric… where are we? I mean, where is the 10th Element and the others?" Evline asked skeptically. Before Cedric could reply, a large blast was heard and the ground both teens stood on shock with vast dynamism.

"Right up there." Cedric said, pointing to where the edge of the large flat surface area the 10th Element stood on reached its end, and where the two teens sat right beneath, while the periphery was still accessible. "You blanked out of the battlefield, so I got you down here since I was of relative uselessness anyways." He said with a bite to his monotonous tongue.

Evline didn't really listen to him, as she was fixated on something in her hand. She still couldn't believe it, but the Pendant of the Panther, the pendant belonging to the Element of Fire, was actually in her hand.

"How is that possible? He was… only in my divination." Evline whispered to herself. And, as if struck by lighting, Evline recognized Blaze's hint, and Ophelia's lecture on what the 10th Element was trying to tell her in her old divination.

"Cedric… I've figured out exactly how to stop the 10th Element!" Evline said, spinning around animatedly. Cedric was surprised by this, by the look on his face, and couldn't help but nearly yell out "How?!"

"A little while ago, when I left to figure out the mystery of the Book of Tehys and Luminous, I had a divination of the 10th Element. It was secreting this… strange aura and the nine spirits appears in these small bubbles. Since then I've figured out about the spirits of the Elements, but I never understood why, in my divination, the 10th Element pointed at my pendant." Evline said, looking at Cedric who had his eyes fixated on her and his mouth shut.

"Because…" Evline continued, "The only way to seal the power of the 10th Element is with our pendants, and the help of the Elemental Spirits. It is blindly obvious, now, why the 10th Element pointed at my pendant, and why the spirits were floating around it and me! The pendants will seal it away, because the spirits are the only way to stop it!"

"But… how come in Towerin, when we all fighting against it, when everyone's pendants were there, it did nothing?" Cedric asked, doubtful of Evline's reasoning.

"Because the spirits weren't there, and then when some of them arrived, we were all split apart and all the pendants weren't in the same place!" Evline destroyed Cedric's doubt.

"So… how do we do it?" Cedric asked, with a little more enthusiasm this time. "I mean, manage to seal the 10th Element in?"

"I'm sure that will be something we won't have to worry about, as long as we can just attack the 10th Element with out pendants, things should work in our favor!" Evline said, grabbing the edge of the above ground and hoisting herself up, Cedric following.

Ahead of her, Lelu was raising stone tower after tower as she flew backwards, as manifold attacks followed her, hitting the stone towers and blasting them to stones. As she then shot frontward into the sky to shun additional attacks, Crüsh and Lasson swooped down from the skies and, using a co-op move, shot a purple gel-like attack that was a fusion of both their powers.

The attack sought for the 10th Element, but didn't quite reach its target as a force field appeared around the 10th Element, negating any attacks. The second the veil wore off, Thor blasted obscurity in the Element's direction simultaneously with Lexsis, who was above shooting lightning bolts downward. Like expected, nothing seem to affect the 10th Element at all, and it still stood with great force.

"You guys, it is doing something strange!" Allen's voice could be heard from above. Evline let her eyes wander up to Allen, who floated skeptically over the 10th Element, a face of worry on the façade. Evline stopped her running towards the team, as she knew something bad was about to happen.

"Look!" Cedric said, pointing at the 10th Element, who was harnessing some sort of black substance around him. It had a resemblance to what liquid tar might look like, and Evline watched it fretfully. She knew she needed to stop it with the pendants, but she also knew her voice couldn't reach the distance between her and some of her teammates, especially the ones floating high above.

All of a sudden, as if the 10th Element exploded or something, the goop surrounding it unexpectedly erupted into numerous skewers that shot in every direction, with the 10th Element being the center of it all, and controlling the matter to fly in every direction.

Evline watched in revulsion as her teammates fought to circumvent the assault, but some not so auspicious. Crüsh was struck with the sharp end through the shoulder, cutting a foremost wound, as Lexsis felt the same pain as the attack swiped over the skin of her leg.

Evline didn't even perceive the attack head her way at light speed before one of the skewers swept past her and smashed into Cedric's arm, knocking him back a few feet. As he went, he cried out in pain as even Evline heard the 'snap' of the bone in Cedric's arm.

"CEDRI— " Evline began, before she lost all her breath and pain swept through her almost instantaneously. She felt tears of pain form in her eyes.

"EVLINE, NO!" she heard Cedric yell in fear. Evline barely had the energy to look down, and wished she hadn't. Through her lower-left torso, one of the skewers had cleanly cut through Evline's body, blood soaking her shirt.

As the skewer retracted back through Evline, and no longer holding up support, Evline quickly fell to her knees, still alive. Weakly, she released the tension in her hands at the pendant of the Element of Fire fell out and into the desolate grey sand.

Before she managed to fall all the way to the ground herself, she found herself in the working arm of Cedric, who she saw was crying.

"Ce…dri…c…" Evline managed to sputter out, her eyesight failing as, she herself, felt life escaping her.

"Evline, don't you dare die on me!" she heard Cedric say sorrowfully, still holding her. Evline fought to keep her eyes open, to show him she still lived, but she didn't have the strength, and gently closed her eyes, fading herself into darkness.

And she heard, from a distance, the cry of a wolf.

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