Chapter 13

This is Hyorin of SBS News with a special report! The police have raided the homes and businesses of Minjoon and his family, looking for evidence in criminal activity. This is not the first time the family has been investigated, though those investigations ended with all charges dropped. The chief of police has stated his position is not going to hinder the investigation, saying quote "He is bound by the same laws we are." We will keep you updated on all future developments.

Minuh sighed as he rubbed his temple. The interest in Minjoon's scandal would not fade. Not many dared to bring that family's seedy underbelly to the surface. No one survived that game of roulette.

If he rushed the engagement, it may take the heat off the scandal. Minjoon would be indebted to them. However, he still needed to show them to the public. He sighed. Before the scandal, they could spend time talking about thier long relationship. Now the televisions would focus on the scandal, with a mere minute dedicated to their announcement. In fact, the heat of the scandal would rub off on them, bringing unwanted rumors of pregnancy and shotgun weddings. Time to switch to plan B. He needed to sell a secret relationship. That would take quite a bit of time, time he wasn't certain they had. Debi Yunbae is old, and not only would this place a large amount of stress on her part, the shame of it may make her step down earlier than anticipated. If plan A could be pushed through, everything might fall into place.

The steady drum of his fingertips tapping the marble desk echoed through his quiet office. Should the scandal fail to be swept under the rug, when the time comes to announce the marriage it would be a mere scrolling text below a courtroom scene.

He took several deep breaths, trying to calm his mind. One week. He pulled out a leather embossed planner and dipped his pen into the inkwell. Tomorrow is Friday. Perhaps there is something local they can attend. Within a few clicks he had the local events to play to his whims. One week of dates will gauge media interest and give time for the scandal to either die or mature.

Jaewon would never attend functions like this willingly. The change in character should prove a devotion to Junseh. She is green, but she must give off an image of a classic lady to offset the character flaws Jaewon portrayed through the years.

Though she provided her own sets of headaches. According to her tutors, she picked up the customs and language easily, but the castle employees also stated she fell to the whims of Jaewon despite her initial stubbornness. That son of his had a magic with the ladies, even the ones who seemed immune to such spells.

He did not entirely believe Jaewon fell in love with her. While it is possible she engaged a change in his attitude, he knew far better than to trust Jaewon when stuck in a situation he did not initiate. So long as he behaved in public, they could fight to the death behind closed doors. Their first date proved both were willing to play by his rules.

Junseh woke feeling dizzy and drunk. She groaned and stretched her body. Jaewon stroked her hair and traced a finger down her cheek to her chin. "Jaewon?"

"How do you feel?"

Feel? The word ignited her nerves and she became aware of their naked bodies pressed together. Her cheeks became flushed and she buried it into the crook of his shoulder to hide.

He chuckled and nudged her out of the hiding place with a kiss. "Don't tell me you already forgot."

"No," she mumbled, "I'm a little sore."

He rubbed her back in sympathy. "I'm sorry. I knew it was your first time but I couldn't control myself. If you need pain medicine, just ask." He pulled her towards him, wrapping his legs around her in a tight cocoon.

"It's okay, I'm not that sore."

He chuckled, "Sure? I can give you a massage. I'm good with my hands."

"I'm all too familiar," she mumbled. His cheeks took on a red tinge. She smiled and kissed his cheek.

He squeezed her like a teddy bear, "You're so soft and squishy," he murmured, "And you manage to make snoring cute."

"I do not snore," she protested, trying to wriggle out of his hold.

He patted her head in sympathy, "I watched you sleep."

"Why didn't you go running this morning," she grumbled.

"Why didn't we go running this morning," he corrected. "And the answer to that is I wanted to hold you."

"Jaewon," she whined, pounding his chest playfully.

He stared into her eyes and stroked her hair. His voice became deep and serious. "I can't describe how I feel right now. Content and peaceful, mostly. Anxious too, but I don't know why. I just want to hold you for all of time."

He crushed her with his words and embrace to the point the air became too thick to breathe.

"I've never felt this way before. I just," he sighed in frustration, stroking her hair, "I knew I was abusive when we met. And I'm going to make up for it. I," he grimaced as guilt stabbed his conscious, "I can't promise I'll never be mad at you, but I can promise I won't be abusive again. And if I am, you are free to leave. I will give you enough money to live or something, I don't know, I don't want you to leave, don't think that but -"

Junseh cut him off by placing a finger on his lips. She smiled warmly as his face flushed. He kissed her tenderly. "You're talkative this morning," she remarked with a small smile.

"Am I?" He scratched her head, "I've always kicked girls out before the morning was over. I don't know what to do."

She giggled, "Neither do I."

Jaewon grimaced, "I suppose you wouldn't either."

"Let's take a bath?"

He nodded and threw the blankets off. As he rolled off the bed, Junseh gasped in horror. He jumped to his feet, scanning the room, ready to pounce. "What is it?"

"The sheets! They're ruined! They're expensive and-"

"It's nothing we can't afford," he interrupted, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "Don't worry about it."

The soft thuds of their feet triggered the memory of their last bath together. Her skin prickled with anticipation. Once at the tub he leaned forward and began adjusting the water temperature. She admired his shoulders. Broad enough to give a nice shape without looking ridiculous. The shoulders were the best part of a man by far.

"Go ahead and rinse off first. I'll meet you after the bath is set."

She undressed and stared at her body in the mirror. Nothing looked different, but she felt like a new person. Something that she prided herself on, something she carved as part of her identity is gone. And though part of her recoiled at the amount of time that passed between her first meeting Jaewon and doing that with him, she also knew he could be trusted. Cheating wasn't a part of his character.

"Hey," he asked, walking to her, "You okay? You haven't rinsed off yet."

She smiled, "I'm fine. Just thinking, that's all."

"About how much you love me," he asked with a wink.

She gave a coy smile, "And if I was?"

His jaw dropped and a second later he laughed, hugging her close and rustling her hair. "Come on you."

As they dried off, Jaewon eyed the bottle of lotion and got an idea. He smiled and pointed to the bottle. "Let me put this on you."

"I can put in on myself."

He sighed. "You know how to kill a mood." He kissed the back of her neck and rubbed her arms. "Please," he asked in a plaintive tone.

Junseh bit her tongue to prevent her mouth from blurting out things before thinking. Things tend to get carried away whenever Jaewon was at the wheel. He trailed kisses down her neck to her shoulder as he looked at her in the mirror with doe eyes. "That's not fair," she whined, shrugging him off her shoulder.

He wrapped his arms around her midsection and nuzzled her head. "I'm only going to touch you," he whispered in her ear. "A massage. No sex."

"I've heard that one before."

He chuckled and rubbed her shoulders. Rough and strong hands soothed her deepest aches. She sighed and relaxed her body against him. "See," he whispered, "Just like this, let me touch you."

His deep husky voice crumbled the last of her reservations. She nodded her consent. With a sweeping motion, he brushed her hair to the front and began at her neck. The neck muscles were stiff from stress. "Not even queen and already carry the weight of the crown on your shoulders," he quipped. The drastic change concentrated itself there. No wonder she loved being kissed on the neck.

The strength of the massage gave a painful relief as he worked out the knots.

Once satisfied with the work, he grabbed the bottle and pumped a generous amount into his palm. He started on her back, rubbing up and down like a paintbrush, massaging it in with his hands. He grasped her waist and rubbed her lower back with his thumbs. He brought his hands back up and moved to her arms, using circular motions to rub the creamy liquid in. At her hands, he lifted them up and guided her to lock them behind his neck.

"Does it feel good," he asked, kissing behind her ear, following the curve of her waist with his hands. She nodded, sighing in content. Her searing flesh burned his skin as she leaned into him for balance. He cupped her buttocks and alternated between rubbing and squeezing.

He squirted more lotion on his palms and rubbed it haphazardly over her stomach. He ran his hands down her sides, grabbing her hips and forcing them to grind against him. His hands ventured upward to her breasts. He squeezed and rubbed them, enjoying her changing faces in the mirror. Someday he'll ask her to watch herself in the mirror while being pleasured, but not until she matured sexually. As his fingertips circled her aureolae, her body tensed. Every part of her was sensitive to his touch! He gently rolled her nipples between his fingers and kissed her neck.

"More," she begged silently, heat oozing through her every pore like lava.

While one hand continued to manipulate her breast, the other squirted more lotion and began rubbing it between her thighs, right below her labia. She moaned and bucked her hips, trying to force him into pleasuring her. He chuckled and kissed her as he squeezed his erection between her legs. She gasped and before she could protest he stole her lips. Slowly he thrust his hips, rubbing her clitoris with his shaft. She cooed into his mouth, the muffled sound echoing through the room.

The velvet smoothness of his shaft sent constant waves of electricity through her body. She collapsed against his chest, holding his arms for support.

He could feel her body tremble against him. She kissed him, cramming her tongue into his mouth. As the thrusts quickened, he roughly squeezed her breasts and bit her lip when breaking for air.

He held her hand, guiding it to the lotion, and pumped several times. "Follow my instructions," he ordered, biting her earlobe. Her hand covered his shaft now, and he lifted her arm up to increase the angle against her clit. He slowed the pace down and wrapped his fingers around hers. "Hold it like this," he instructed, "Firmly." After several courtesy thrusts, he began twisting her wrist as he came up. "Keep doing that." He kissed the back of her neck and massaged her shoulders as he thrust upward slowly.

The featherlight kisses on her back almost paralyzed her. It tingled like an itch, execpt not quite not. Each kiss sent a sensation so strong it almost hurt. She writhed under him, both pushing away and embracing the feeling. He began nibbling her shoulders and neck as he scratched her back. A moan escaped her and she leaned back into him. Rough fingers grabbed her waist and began traveling upwards. "I bet you're close," he whispered in her ear, "If I played with these would you come for me?"

She bit her lip to muffle the sound as he pinched her nipples and sucked her neck. The thrusts came faster. The waves of pleasure became static, building up inside to a zenith. The world became a blur. Her legs buckled. As he bit her neck she exploded, crying out. Moments later Jaewon grunted, holding her around her stomach, bending over and breathing heavily.

He nuzzled her and kissed her hair. As he leaned up, he held her against him, kissing her gently. "Go ahead and change and I'll clean up." She nodded and walked out slowly, still high from the euphoric sensation.

Junseh collapsed on the bed and stared at the scalloped ceiling. The chemistry between them is insane. Her back still tingled from his touch. He sauntered over to her while buttoning his shirt. "Tired?"

She grunted and sat up. "It's exhausting enduring what you do to me."

He smiled, "You weren't complaining at the time. Maybe I should ask if you want to stop next time."

She scoffed, "Like that stopped you before." Both laughed.

Jaewon's cell rang. He sighed, "Yes Father?"

"Is Junseh with you?"

"Yes, why?"

"Put it on speakerphone, I need to speak with both of you."

He pointed to the edge of the bed and sat the phone between them. Junseh raised her eyebrows in a question and he shrugged. "Okay, you're on."

"Have you been watching the news Junseh?"

"No, why?"

"Why did you ask Junseh and not me," Jaewon interjected.

Minuh sighed, "We all know you don't watch the news. This is important, I'll need you to listen carefully. Minjoon and his family are under investigation."

Junseh wrinkled her nose. "What?"

Jaewon shrugged, "It's not the first time. What's it for this time?"

"Everything. Someone has linked them to the kkangpae and it's rock solid. The police chief sees his legacy in this case."

He whistled. "Well, that's one less Prince to worry about."

The grunt Minjoon let out was more of a frustrated growl. "You're not listening! This has taken over the news. It will be months before it's dropped! If we announce your marriage now, it will be nothing more than a mere scroll along the bottom of the channel! We needed to be on talk shows, having interviews, giving stories of your long distance relationship over the years. We can't explain things if there aren't interviews. And the tabloids will make up whatever they can think of to fill the blanks."

Junseh's eyes widened. This is the first time she heard Minuh angry. But that also meant one more thing. "So the marriage is going to be put on hold?"

"At least one of you gets it." Jaewon rolled his eyes. "I'm putting you both out of the summer palace. It won't matter where you are, everyone here at the main palace is in arms about the scandal. Even the Debi herself is locked up and won't see anyone out of shame. What I'm going to do now is gauge interest. Go back to your apartment in Seoul and go out. Absolutely no clubs or parties Jaewon. I need Junseh to be as far removed from that life as possible. I'll be sending you a list of places and events I'd suggest going to. At the very least I need you out having breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Go shopping, go walking, I don't care just make sure you are photographed as much as possible. Lead them to your apartment and let them see both of you entering. We'll see if your star power is enough to give a lead over Minjoon."

"And if it's not," Junseh asked.

"We switch to plan B."

"What's plan B?"

"I'll tell you that if we must implement it. Jaewon, I am dead serious about not going clubbing or partying. Do you understand?"

He glared at the phone. "I am not five, Ahabamama."

"They'll be packing your things. As for Junseh's tutoring, we'll figure out what to do after this week. She won't be meeting any of the Royals for a good while. The car should be there in an hour to pick you up."

The phone clicked off and the two stared at each other in shock. On the bright side, it would be nice to get out of the palace. As opulent as it was, it felt like a prison. On the other hand, she sensed a bit of panic in Minuh's voice.

"Finally, I can go home," Jaewon said, falling back onto the bed. "You'll like it there Junseh. There's a lot of places I can show you, friends you can meet, we'll truly be alone and free."

She fell down beside him. "This is scary."

"How so?"

"It's weird, being manipulative like that. And I don't like how we're supposed to essentially tell the world our lives for experimental purposes."

He shrugged, "That's the nature of this life, Junseh. Don't worry, I'll be there with you. It's worse going at it alone. Besides," he kissed her, "There's many things I want to do to you when we get there." He laughed at her embarrassed face. "I hope you never stop blushing like that. It's cute."

A/N: The only thing that has changed from my ongoing edits that is relevant to this chapter is Hyeonbin having moles within Minjoon's gangs. The rest of this book, and its sequel is plotted down to each chapter. All I need to do is write from this point out. And yes, we are in the home stretch for part 1. Thank you to everyone that has read this over the years.