Echoed past- so bright

Oh how I danced across the rapturous light

Past, light, a flight of that wonderful night

As the pieces fell from the sky

To the ground- the puzzle of life assembled itself

-in a most curious way

I watched, ever enthralled.

So whole, so consuming, permeating, purging

As I watched the wounds fade to scars

As I danced across the sands of time

Like angel wings beneath my feet.

Edging back to a way to see my past change

Unravel the chains so I don't see life the same

Gazing, swooning, I am swept away

Into the most forgiving dreams, to find this a reality.

Stellar shadows now bathed in the velvet light

As I watched my past take on a new life

Smiling, I'm ever aware they see through

this masqueraded pantomime

The same child deep inside

Without the burden, younger, something new, so alive.

And still dancing, lost in the dizzying anthem

Of resolution- the peace it becomes.

As the death of seasons makes its final cry

We danced in honor of it

With an epitaph of fading ink

Not a tear could be summoned

As the single white Amaranth is lain on the grave

Left a dream, a memory to part with

An epithet,

That childish giggle that carries on in the night