The Bodyguard

Short, skinny, blonde. Come on man, who ever heard of a woman bodyguard? She'll get someone killed; that'll be bad for business."

"This company has no rules against employing women for the job. If she passes all the tests, she's one of us. Mind, she'll have to pass with flying colours, literally, to convince Bo to hire her when there are so many biggest like you about."

"I am not a bigg—come on man, be realistic."

"I am." Both men looked at the woman fussing iver the trained, killer guard dog. Max raised his eyebrows, "If she doesn't get someone else killed then she'll get herself killed."

"Like I said, we can't deny her an interview at the very least when the wanted sign is up there clear as day. Give her a chance she might surprise you."

"Yeah, yeah. You know Taff, you have way too much faith in people." At the answering laugh, Max allowed himself a grin and shook his head. "Er.. yeah, Lady? Lil… Lil? Lily!, I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Max was bandaging up his hand when Taff arrived. Taff took his place beside Max at the front of the room as they watched the potentials file in. "What happened to you?"

"Your new girlfriend was playing with the doggies. I had to stop one from going for her."

"How brave of you."

"Shut up. It was reflex okay?"

"Did you not think that if she's training to become a bodyguard she should be able to take care of herself? Especially against a dog."

Max glared at Taff, "Yeah, well she's not as helpless as I thought; did you know she's a mage?"

Taff frowned and looked at Max, "You're lying."

Max gave a huff. "Hell if I am. That dog knocked me down then went straight for her. It was mad, like rabidly mad, seriously man." Max frowned remembering the incident, quinting his eyes as if he could see it, "Then… I dunno man… she sort of waved her hand," he copied the motion, "and she said something… and then … it was normal."

"What was normal?"

"The dog, man, the dog. It was like a pup. It trotted up to her, it's tail wagging and just stood there while she patted it."

Taff exhaled, "That's not proof that she's a mage. It… it just means she's good with animals."

"No you don't get it, this dog was crazy and then just like that," he snapped his fingers, "she transforms it into a pup. Man, that ain't normal!"

Taff remained silent steadily staring out into the sea of faces that was still growing.

"Look man, I know my history doesn't exactly promote me as trustworthy but I'm not lying!"

"Shut up. Its about to start."