A/N - Written in format as a TV show


Episode One - Howdy Neighbor!



The DIAZ FAMILY are in their black, grimy car, driving along a coastal road on a warm sunny day. PABLO DIAZ, the father of the family - a weasly looking man with a spindly frame, pale, pale skin and jet black hair swept back from his high forehead, is slouching forwards with has his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly, his beady dark eyes screwed up in concentration as he stares at the road ahead.

Beside him is WINNIE DIAZ, his wife – an extraordinarily beautiful woman, with long raven colored curls and sparkly green eyes that hold a touch of something sinister in their twinkling depths.

In the back are the three DIAZ CHILDREN. Eighteen year old MILO DIAZ, as strikingly handsome as his mother is beautiful, with the same pitch black hair and emerald eyes, plus a muscular build that puts his father's spindly form to shame. Beside him is fifteen year old DANA DIAZ – small and slim with the trademark Diaz family dark hair, and huge dark blue eyes with the same sinister gleam that is held in her mothers. Beside her is MOLLY DIAZ, the youngest of the family at twelve years old. Her black hair is held back in a tight pony tail and she has the same beady dark eyes and weasly, scrawny appearance as her father.

None of them speak, they just stare ahead blankly like grim, solemn statues. After a few seconds of silence WINNIE grimaces and reaches across to pat PABLO on the hand.


Look out dear, there's a dog at the side of the road.

PABLO'S eyes flash wide open and he swerves the car off toward the curb in order to hit the dog on purpose. The dog YELPS as the bumper of the car collides with the dogs hind legs with a sickening CRUNCH.

PABLO swerves back onto the road, as the surrounding cars proceed to HONK at him angrily.

WINNIE puts a hand to her chest and lets out a sigh of relief.

Good job dear! For a second there I thought you were going to miss it.


Not a chance!



We see that the rack on top of their car has countless suitcases and trunks piled up high, then we see a large removal van following behind them.



The HENDERSON FAMILY are all out on their front lawn. BOBBY HENDERSON, the father of the family – a strapping man with athletic good looks and perfect white teeth to complement his healthy tan and thick sandy blond hair – is riding back and forth on his lawnmower.

Wife, SUZIE HENDERSON, with her bouncy chin length strawberry blonde hair is watering the roses and humming cheerily to herself. The HENDERSON CHILDREN are busy playing with the family's golden retriever CHUCK. The oldest of the kids, seventeen year old MAX HENDERSON, a carbon copy of his father – just a more youthful version – is repeatedly tossing a tennis ball for CHUCK. Twins, TESS & TODD Henderson, aged fifteen, are laughing happily and chasing CHUCK with their video camera. Both twins have the same perfect blond haired, blue eyed, tanned and toned appearance as the rest of their family.

The DIAZ car turns onto the street and BOBBY looks over at it with a grin.

Hey guys, take a look at this! It seems our new neighbors are here!