Kingdom Of Knights
Leoanda Taylor


The masked man paced the arena, marking his adversary with his ears. All contestants that entered the Tournament had to be either blindfolded or wear a blacked out helmet.

He listened to the hard panting, and nervous steps that were slightly to his right. Using his weapon, quicker than sound, the man held his adversary captive with his sword to his adversaries neck. Letting go of the nervous man before him, the winner took off his blindfold at the sound of riotous applause.

Clad in black pants, shirt, boots and fingerless gloves, the winner stod tall facing the other man in front of him. The winner was a man named Kilek, with dark brown hair and light brown eyes, he was slightly greying and appeared to be in his late fourties-early fifties, though he's in top shape. Shaven and tall, he stood out of the other competitors as he was dark, yet somehow, gentle at the same time.

His grip on his weapon slackened as his eyes settled on the smaller, younger man before him. The lose was a man named Helfel; he was tanned, with charming features and a fit physique. Dark hazel eyes under thin, carefully knitted brows, and black hair that gave Halfel a more eastern look came from under the rusty helmet that was ow being held in an exausted hand. A slight smile settled on his lips as he let out an almost relieved sigh.

Kilek let his white handled sword fall silently to the gound, where the expertly carved ivory dragon was glinting in the morning sun, it's topaz jewelled eye reflecting the sun for all to see. The blade was made of pure steel, one of the strongest around, with a carved dragon outlining the right, upper side of teh blade. It was truely a masterpiece to be proud of, and one that Kilek had held with each passing battle.

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