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Kingdom Of Knights
Leoanda Taylor

Chapter 1

Ten years have now passed since that last fatal battle. Kilek once again came out a campion, Champion of the Kingdom of Knights. Halfel had been named Second Champion of the Kingdom of Knights, having come in second place.

Now, with the ten years drawing to a complete close, the Kingdom of Knights competition has once again come around, but this time, two unlikely characters are entering the competition to earn the right to be named Champion. Both of different race and different talent, the two now enter the most dangerous part of their lives thus far........

Dessert Plains

"Eriko! Oi! Eriko! Are you up yet?"

"I'll be down in a minute! God damn'it! What the Hell did I do with those...."


Eriko visibly flinched as he crouched down under his bed looking for his trademark black and red bandana. Shoving his hand further under, he stuck his tounge out in annoyance at his mother screeching at him from the front room. "Sorry!"

Eyes lighting up in excitement, he yanked his bandana from under a metal box that held all of his precious belongings. Giving out a yell, he raced over to the small, slightly cracked, old mirror, and placed his bandana firmly on his head.

Turning around on the spot, a huge grin spread across his lightly tanned face......


"Get here you!"

Grabbing Eroki's ear, Liddy - Eriko's mother - pratically dragged him over to the little sink, situated in the joint living-room/kitchen. She proceeded to push him so his head was literally in the sink, and yanked his mouth open grabbing a bar of soap, and vigorously rubbed it over his tounge.

"This is what you get for cursing! DON'T DO IT! Do you hear me, Eriko?"

Letting go of the poor boy, Eriko nodded (looking very much like a nodding-dog that you put in a car) trying to rinse the bad taste of soap from his mouth. "Sworry! Bwut! Yeulk! Pwew! Eww! I cwoul- couldn't! Yuck!! Find my bandana!"

"Thats no excuse! Don't do it! Ever!" With that she smiled kindly at him and went about tidying up their little house.

The house was in the desert region of the world, and was mainly made from mud and dry stone. But there was metal and iron fittings for thing like showers and toilets - even though these were in fact very rare to have in that area. The house had two bedrooms, one washroom and a joint living-room/kitchen, with a small closet off to one side.

Wrinkling his nose, Eriko sighed, making his way towards the main door((sort of like a front door)) "I'm going out!"

"Be back before dark, and if I find-"

"I know! I know! No cursing, or I'll get my mouth washed out and a good behind smaking, I'm never too old for it! I got it! Later!" He almost recited the words that his mother had said to him over and over. But he couldn't help it, his dream was to become a legendary fighter and SKATER.

Now that was something Eriko absolutely loved doing.

SKATER: A form of fighting where two opponents faced each other one on one, where their shoes had been fitted with wheels that let them slide over the surface of the ground to battle each other. There were many different types of fighting, and this - out of all of them - was his favourite.

A year ago, he had managed to come across a pair of broken down Skats((the name of the skates)) - worn black with a red blade wheels - that had a bandana tied around the laces to keep them together - the same bandana Eriko was wearing. Eriko had taken the Skats and fixed them to the point of use. Other people in his village had Skats of their own and he had beaten them - unbeknowest to his mother - in each match. He was the best in their little village.

"I wonder if anyone'll challange me today? I really feel like a match, especially since mom's RED this morning," Eriko sighed looking around the one level built houses.

RED: This is when someone went into a rage or banter for - to the persons point of view - no reason. It is much like saying a 'red-rage'.

"Are you talking to yourself again, Eriko?"

"Waaaahh?! Oh! It's you Sayoh! NO! Not exactly... I was just... thinking out loud... Yeah! Thats it! Thinking out loud!" He nodded proudly at his slightly older and more mature friend.

"Whatever you say, Eriko," Sayoh replied, flipping his short, dark blue-tinted-black hair behind his ear. Sayoh was two inches taller than Eriko, with deep blue eyes and short dark blue-tinted-black hair that always had a shine to it. His skin colour was a light bronze that Eriko had always been jelous of. Acctually, Eriko had always been jelous of everything about his friend.

"So, what you up to, Sayoh?" Eriko asked, fingering his slightly longer light arburn hair. His eyes matched his hair colour at this moment - his eyes held many different colours depending on his mood, but they always had that same brown in them. Sometimes, when he was angry the flare of red flecks shone with the light brown. If he was happy, all the colours shone at once. It was unusual, but had become quite common among the Dessert Plains folk.

"Coming to get you. This guy from out of town showed up last night. He said there was going to be a tornament of somesort. I was going to see if you wanted to go with me to find out what sort of stuff he was talking about. Coming with?" Sayoh watched as Eriko's eyes shone to their brightest, as he nodded. Sayoh's cheeks went slightly pink, as they always did when in came to his friends eyes.

It wasn't romance or anything, but he had always found his friends eyes to be fasinating, and was embarrased because of it. He had never admitted this to anyone however, so some people got the wrong idea about the two of them.

"Well! What are we waiting for? I'm game! Lets go!" Jumping about on the spot, Eriko gave out an irritated groan, his eyes changing to light brown with cinimon-red flecks.

"What are you so irritated about? I came here to get you. I'm the one waiting for you, not the other way around," Sayoh replied, sighing in resignation. It was no use arguing with Eriko. It was almost impossible to win.

"Okay, I'm ready now! Lets go!"