The machines hum quietly

Lulling me to gentle oblivion

My mind focused completely

On the softly glowing screen.

Endless code scrolls line after line

As my fingers dance in a

Ninety step recycled number

The quietly clicking tempo of the keys

In time with the clock.

As I glance up I see you out of the corner of my eye.

The darkness envelopes

Your pale form, washed white

With the computer screen's glow

Black nails tap out a rhythmic sequence

As the air plays with your raven locks.

The night wraps around us, strangely intimate

And I look at you, tired eyes alighting

On that which soothes me like rain:

My beautiful mechanical angel.

A/N: It's a bit different (and shorter) than what I usually do, and took only a few minutes to write. I've not really decided what I think of it yet. On the ninety step thing- I counted the number of keys on a keyboard that a person normally uses to write code and things like that, and I totaled about ninety. Please drop a review if you've the time.