You eat your way through everything
Your pale skin is like acid to my throat
I can't understand what it is
That keeps me by your side through your dark days

But when you're feeling mighty fine
You skip away and don't look back
At me, when I'm sitting here with wide eyes
Watching the next guy die in your eyelashes

You're beautiful in a sadistic way
It's like a fly trap, and I'm always snagged
On your frayed edges
I can't believe you're such a slut
And I hope someone finally tells you to choke
And you'll listen

So this is for the guys who've fucked her nicely
She cared once, but there's a new kid in town
She'll skip away and won't look back
Say goodbye, she won't be coming back
So many to do, so little time
For me

Andrew Fales, you'll never believe who
Went down last night